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Tiptoe Through The Tulips • Southern Rural Route

You will recall from my earlier post, What Is THAT?, it was my opinion that Red Russian Kale was a vegetable belonging to the Most Beautiful family of veggies. The Atlanta Botanical Garden is apparently in agreement with me. Here, they interplanted purple tulips with Red Russian Kale and somewhere else they had interplanted it with a white blooming plant.

These next two photographs could be made into postcards. Hmmm, I probably should do a post on how to make postcards from your photos. It’s a cinch for rubberstampers and scrapbookers because they have all the supplies.

This last tulip was a double of some sort. What? You want the name? Are you kidding me? I’m doing good to photograph just about everything in the park. I don’t always have time to get names. And it’s not like the Atlanta Botanical Gardens help you. A lot of their plants are not marked and, it is my understanding that the little rug rat visitors make off with the markers, their parents oblivious.