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Budweiser Clydesdales • Southern Rural Route

I hate crowds with a passion. However, I’m a horse freak in the sense that I have great admiration for their beauty. It is not necessary for me to own one and our two acres wouldn’t really support a horse. Mr. Golfcart, however, has a four acre pasture and nary a horse.

I talked Poppie into going with me to Anheuser-Busch to see the Clydesdales on March 8th. It was a lovely day and I thought you might like to see my photos.

The start of the parade Rounding the corner. Notice the Dalmation dog next to the two drivers.
At one stop, people asked the drivers to take selfies of themselves. Hilarious. Highstepping! I think this is why they stopped at that back corner. Free beer. The horseshoes were slightly bigger than the feet.
I was surprised at how flat the horseshoes were. The End