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Comfy? • Southern Rural Route

You will recall from an earlier post, Am I Going Bald?, that Whiskey the cat would lean off my headboard and grab a mouthful of my hair for a yank. This is the headboard, which has two mirrors behind it.  The mirrors are supported by two tier cabinets and a light bridge for two indoor floodlights. I purchased this unit 30 years old and although it has a few scratches, my money-squeezing fists won’t allow me to replace it. Besides, I much prefer Whiskey sleeping up there than sprawled across my bed so that I can’t stretch my legs out.

This is what I saw at 4 a.m. when it finally cooled down enough from our 84 degree Thursday for me to seek some covers.  Whiskey is trying to sleep among all my reading material even though I have to reach under his ample gut to find the light switch.