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MOMMA’S WILDFLOWER BED • Southern Rural Route

Momma’s Wildflower Bed sat unloved for several years because Poppie passed two years after Momma. A double whammy. This is the first year I have done anything with Momma’s Wildflower Bed.

Momma named it the Wildflower Bed but nowadays it has very few wildflowers. This spring I did a lot of work in the front of the Wildflower Bed including copying Meta’s idea of a path bordered by clay pots. I received a lot of help in putting this clay pot border together. Momma had a bunch of them behind the greenhouse and Leigh gave me a bunch of her pots, some of which were orchid pots which tend to be wider at the top, shorter, and have a slit in the side. The extra width helped take up space on the path.

clay pot path installation

I got halfway across the bed, just making the curve at the overhead sprinkler and ran out of pots.  I got on the internet and looked at the big box stores to see who carried clay pots and found none. The only place I could find 6” pots was at the craft store, JoAnn, and they wanted $2.99 each. Absolutely unaffordable on my budget when a rough estimate indicated a need for 25 pots.

I looked on Craigslist. When you don’t want clay pots, someone is always giving them away on Craigslist.

The fretting began. Momma wasn’t going to be happy about a half-finished path. I still had eight very small 3” pots from Leigh that I had originally set aside as unworthy. Now desperate, I put four on each side at the halfway point.

Completely out of pots, the emailing began. I asked everyone in town if they had clay pots they didn’t want.  Of course not, it was like Craigslist. When you don’t want clay pots…

Unbeknownst to me, my friend Ruth helped me scout for pots. She sent an email to her garden club members and this is where an amazing blessing landed at my doorstep. Ruth cleaned out all the 6” clay pots at one Home Depot and brought them to me along with $20 from one of her garden club pals who wanted to help me finish the path. Aren’t people incredible?

There’s a lesson in this, though, that I want to share. Do not assume that a store does not carry an item when you can’t find it on their website. The 6” pots were in stock at both Home Depot and Lowes but not mentioned on their website.

Overall view of Wildflower bed – Gerbera daisies in front row; hydrangea bushes second row, pink begonias and pot of Wishbone third row, Aztec grass fourth row, amaryllis fifth row; Peacock was a gift from my friend Nancy Wildflower Bed – left side with maple tree that is same color as mulch; pot of purple Wishbone was moved to this side Wildflower Bed – middle Wildflower Bed – right side Overall landscape view – my greenhouse is behind the canna lilies; that’s a basket of sweet potato vines hanging from cypress tree