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MY NEW DAYLILIES IN BLOOM • Southern Rural Route

Daylilies are perennials considered to be evergreen, semi-evergreen or dormant. The foliage of evergreen daylilies stays green all year. Semi-evergreen has foliage that can be evergreen or dormant depending on the garden location where it is grown. Dormant foliage dies back in the winter and reappears in the spring. From central to south Florida, a dormant daylily may not receive enough hours of cold to thrive. Much of the time, dormant daylilies also do not do well in North Florida.

Daylilies also have bloom seasons – Extra Early, Early, Early Midseason, Late Midseason, Late, Very Late and Rebloomers. If you select daylilies from several of these bloom seasons, you could have daylily blooms from March to mid-May. Rebloomers are very desirable because they tend to bloom more than once a season. They may bloom early in May or June then repeat in the fall. Or have a succession of bloom periods for several months.

Bloom size ranges from just a few inches all the way up to 10 inches. I prefer larger, showier blooms but I haven’t found a really good color in those gigantic 10-inch blooms.

Here are photographs of my newest daylilies from the buying trip to Wynn’s Daylily Nursery.


This was in the $5 section at Wynn’s. Being a double daylily, I bought it despite its dormant category. The blooms are 5.5 inches.


This was also in the $5 section at Wynn’s and another dormant daylily.  The color is actually darker than it appears in this photo.  Depending on the time of day I photograph the daylilies, the true color may or may not be caught by the camera. The blooms are 7.75 inches.


This was on sale at Wynn’s for $8. Semi-evergreen, it is a better choice for the South. The blooms are 6 inches.


Also on sale at Wynn’s for $8. The blooms are 5.5 inches.