Also in Momma’s Wildflower Bed:

The unusual white ones were bulbs from Ace Hardware. They were a real surprise — wasn’t expecting them to look like this.


caladiums 2017-0505

You can see an older planting of caladiums I purchased in bulk from a South Florida caladium farm at Home Ownership and Family Compounds.

Update: In the comments, a question was raised about digging up caladiums at the end of the growing season. I have never done this. Too lazy, I guess. I leave them in the ground and a scattering of them will return the next year. Knowing that only a few will return, I treat caladiums like annuals. I buy new, fresh bulbs (not those sold in plastic bags at big box chain stores) and find that the bulbs quickly grow into large plants, as you can see from those white/spotted caladiums above (which were bulbs purchased this year).

14 thoughts on “MY CALADIUMS 2017”

    1. Winter? Hahahahahahaha. We haven’t had winter in quite a few years. Global warming, I guess. I’ve never dug them up. What I found, YEARS ago, in a huge planting of caladiums I purchased from a South Florida caladium farm (photo under Mizz Chairman of the Garden on the “Cast” tab), is that a mere scattering of them return the next year. I think a lot of them rot from the overhead sprinklers used by my brother’s A/C and heat system. I treat them like annuals and plant a few bulbs (about 80 cents each at Ace Hardware) in the spring. Fresh bulbs quickly grow into large plants, as you can see from those white/spotted caladiums. I might have fertilized them once.

  1. What a great idea! Thank you. I had given up on caladiums here in southeast Texas. Where the clay is either bricks or swamp and sometimes both. Gardening budget only allows for so much soil amending so I’ve been restricting myself to sun lovers.

    1. Hi Roberta – I lived in Houston for 8 years but didn’t do a lot of gardening until the last 3 years. I didn’t happen to try growing caladiums at that time but I found this for southeast Texas: Buying loose bulbs is relatively cheap these days compared to a lot of other plants but I’ve never seen them sold loose in the big box stores except in plastic bags. I prefer to go to a nursery where I can pick them out of a cardboard box. I have good luck with those quickly growing to full size. Wish you much safety with hurricane season.

    1. Indie – Don’t you have woods at the back of your property? That would give you some shade. I’ve seen them grown in full sun in Florida. Usually in a flower bed close to the house but all of mine are in shade.

  2. Lovely! I treat caladiums as annuals, too. There are so many beautiful ones, and they can really brighten shady spots.

  3. Hi! I was surprised to see caladiums in your garden. Here it’s an indoors plant, I often see it in the offices. Yours with white leaves are pretty!

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