My brother and his wife found this slithery critter on the chain link gate when they came home late one night.

Corn snake

There is just no end to the number of critters who hang out with us humans on the Southern Rural Route. Not too long ago, I accidentally locked myself out of the house at 8:30 p.m. Still daylight, I walked over to Mr. Beekeeper’s to use his phone to call my brother. My brother DJs and I knew he was at a dance but I was hoping he had a key to his house in the garage. If he did, I would be able to get my spare key out of his house. No such luck. I had to sit on my porch for hours waiting for him to come home. At some point, Mr. and Mrs. Beekeeper came over on their golf cart to bring me a bottle of water. As good neighbors do, they said, “If you need anything, come on over.” I assured them I was not going to budge from my porch because I did not want to step on a snake in the dark. Who am I kidding? I don’t want to step on them in the daylight!

19 thoughts on “SLITHERY CRITTER”

  1. Yikes! Do you know what kind it is? When we first moved into our house up here, our neighbor told us about a huge snake skin she found in one of their trees. (Welcome to the neighborhood?) I had such nightmares about it! Thankfully neither of us has actually seen a snake in a tree (and thankfully most of the very few snakes I’ve seen here were little garter snakes.)

  2. Hello corn snake hangin’ on the fence. Pretty markings, I can say that cause he is on the other side of my monitor and I don’t have to worry about steppin’ on him night or day. Sorry you got locked out of your house – hope you took care of that situation so it doesn’t happen again. I don’t think I could go that long without having to pee – you know old lady bladder. I love the creepy photo. xo kim

    1. Kimmie – Yes ma’am, I took care of that situation. I have a key stashed away in the garage which I can get into without a key. I sat out there on my porch for about 2.5 hours but I don’t have an old lady bladder. Probably because I didn’t have children.

  3. So now I’m coming over and trashing your garage until I find your spare key to break into your house!!!!!

    1. Ha! Betty, you’ll be at it a LONG time. Bubba has so much stuff in that garage, I’m thinking it will take you a month of full-time days. Besides, there’s nothing in my house of value. You come on over. I’ll let you in!

  4. I wish I could find a corn snake. All I see are copperheads, water snakes, and rat snakes. It would be nice to get something with some more color! I’ve locked myself out a few times. No fun.

  5. What a pretty snake. I just googled corn snake and found out they are very helpful around houses because they eat rats and mice. They’re not venomous, they kill their prey by squashing it to death. Before you kindly offer to send it here since I love it that much, I’ve also read this: The American corn snake is a prohibited invasive animal under the Biosecurity Act 2014 (of Australia). Sorry, Linda, can’t take it off your hands, our govt treats those snakes like terrorists!

  6. I bet if you had come home and the snake was in the fence like that, you would have turned around and not come home!

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