The North Florida Daylily Society went on a daylily buying trip Saturday, June 10, and I went with them. Initially, I did not plan to go because I don’t do well in the heat but Martha and the cloudy/rainy/cooler weather we have had changed my mind.

Dormant daylilies do not do particularly well in Florida although some of us stubbornly try to grow them. This is where modern technology came in handy. The less stubborn had their cell phones out checking the daylily database of the American Hemerocallis Society which provides much more information on each named daylily than a daylily grower can reasonably furnish.

Our club has about forty members but only sixteen members went on the buying trip. We were disappointed that more members did not join us until we tried to get back on the bus with our newly acquired daylilies. We, uh, discovered we barely had enough room for the daylilies. The bus driver threatened to strap a few of us on the roof for the ride home.

I had a great time with a wonderful group of congenial people. A photo being worth a thousand words, I will let my photos tell the story.

daylily members boarding the bus
Terri, Karrie and Diane boarding the bus.


This is where we went.
From Jacksonville to Jasper, Florida.


daylily buying area under pine trees
The buying area. Daylilies were in pots.


pretty fence/entrance to growing area in back and screened porch
Entrance to growing area in the back and a large screened porch to escape gnats.


Gardens and daylily landscaping
Landscaped gardens. That’s Ray in the blue hat.


A purple spider daylily with yellow throat.
A purple spider daylily.


More landscaping with daylilies.
Another landscaped area.


Another photo of daylilies.
Daylilies were everywhere.


Blooming today in my gardens.
Hibiscus ‘Spin the Bottle’


19 thoughts on “DAYLILY BUYING TRIP”

  1. I can see you had a wonderful time. What a privilege to see all those beautiful daylilies and gardens.
    And I love your unusual Hibiscus. Just beautiful.

    1. Meta – I was so grateful the weather wasn’t especially hot. A couple of the gals, who stayed out in the daylily patch after the sun came out, kinda melted. By then, I was in that huge screened porch with a cold bottle of water and near a fan! I was with my tribe!

    1. Evie – Considering that I gave you that hibiscus and it has been blooming like crazy for the last few years when mine was doing NOTHING, I took mine out of it’s big pot and planted it in the ground. So far it has bloomed once. That’s an improvement.

  2. Well, I’m glad you braved the heat and went. Looks like a beautiful place. How far from Jacksonville to Jasper? I’m too lazy to look it up! I love all the lilies, but I have to say I am partial to hibiscus and that one that you have is a stunner! WOW I might drive by and dig that one up in the middle of the night whilst you are in slumber land… xo kim

    1. Kimmie – I would LOVE to see you but you could buy the hibiscus for less gas than it would cost you to liberate my hibiscus in the dead of night. I got it this year although, I must warn you, Home Depot’s price for that hibiscus really hurt my feelings. I’ve kind of written Home Depot off my list because of their inventory problems, their plants are not nearly as nice as Lowes and they don’t have a nearly dead plant table. So I must have found it earlier this Spring before I wrote them off. It was grown by Altman Plants. 90 miles to Jasper. We were home by 3:15.

      1. Ok so digging up the hibiscus, might not be an option. I understand about the price thing at HD. I don’t shop in the one here too often, it is a pretty far drive. Plus there was an incident in the garden center I was involved in, much to my embarrassment, still fresh in my mind two years out. I don’t care to relive that scene. However, when we are in FL, both HD and Lowes are close by and I love to browse the garden center in both. They take turns having good things at good prices. For me, it is such a treat to look/shop for plants that I can’t grow here in Virginia. I was telling Mr. Cottage just the other day that our Lowes here in VA had a Bird of Paradise for $52.00! WOWZA – just like they sell down in FL for $15.00. Anyway, I looked Jasper up – didn’t learn very much. The daylily center looks like a nice place. I especially liked your photo of the tall pines with the daylily display underneath. I’m gonna keep my eye out for that hibiscus next trip to FL – I won’t find it here.

        1. Girl, when was the last time you looked at the prices of Bird of Paradise? I’d love to find one for $15. I found them in a private nursery (as opposed to big box stores) in 3-gallon pots, about 3 feet tall, not blooming and they wanted $49!!! I calmly walked away and bought one of their Heliconias instead (the poor man’s Bird of Paradise). Here’s some info on my hibiscus: Can you grow peonies? There’s a whole host of wonderful plants we can’t grow down here because it doesn’t get cold enough, long enough in the winter.

  3. Great idea to use the cell phone to check out the lilies with an expert before purchase; I love the wonders of modern life! It looks like a fun day spent amongst lovely flowers with fellow gardeners!

  4. Oh goodness! What a fantastic place! I would have needed my own bus as I can never say no on a buying trip. Of course I had to google map where Jasper is. I think that is a really pretty part of Florida as I remember driving up through Lake City and Live Oak and thinking how lovely it was – no idea where I was going..but I digress! Lol! I actually have realized something about daylilies now because the ones that do well for me stay green all year – so the evergreen are the ones to grow and not the ones that die back? Thank you for that!

    1. Semi-evergreen will do well in Florida, too. And never plant them too deep or crowd them with mulch. Several of the gardeners in our club who I have talked to fertilize regularly with a milorganite (sewage sludge) type fertilizer because it doesn’t burn. Check the American Hemerocallis Society ( for growers near you if you’ve got room among your roses for them.

  5. How fun! I didn’t know that daylilies were hard to grow in Florida, since they always seemed like such hardy plants (in North Carolina, they often planted the yellow ones in median strips.) That hibiscus is GORGEOUS!

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