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The mental floss for the mind started with Zorro. He was outside in the cold trying to prove he was a Big Boy like Whiskey although Whiskey was not around to witness his heroism. When I opened the front door for the third time at 3 a.m., he dashed inside and ran for my bed.

I was unable to go back to sleep because he was purring like an outboard motor with a bad set of spark plugs. Staring into the dark, I dumpster dived through all the mental flotsam and jetsam that floats through our heads.

Thinking about Whiskey, I wondered how domesticated stray cats look for a new household. Big Foot watched me from across the property for a long time before he ventured up to the porch for my food offering. The food coaxed Whiskey from the bushes in front of my house. I looked at him in amazement and asked, “Where did you come from?”



I couldn’t help but wonder how two stray cats showed up at MY door when the houses of Poppie and Country Boy, both cat people, were 80 feet away.  Did I have a special cat people smell? Did I have an invisible antenna sending out cat radar?

The internet doesn’t seem to know how we get chosen unless I was looking in all the wrong places. If you find out, please enlighten me.


13 thoughts on “HOW DO STRAY CATS CHOOSE US?”

  1. They follow the Crooked Moon and are told by cats from the days of yore where a home may be. They watch and wait…

    1. Blondie – Glad you like the new website. Another valid possibility. I think I’ll add yours to Marla’s. So far we’ve got “they just know the cat people” and “they sense who needs them.” Although for that last one, I think it was the other way around with Big Foot.

  2. Cats know who their new family should be! My best cat was the one who adopted me when I was a kid (though likely lured in by the fact that we ate our breakfast outside and were delighted to share our leftover milk with a cat.) Come to find out, she belonged to a neighbor down the road that owned 10 pitbulls and didn’t really want her. I don’t really see too many stray cats here where I live now, maybe too many dogs and coyotes around. We are actually visiting a shelter today to see if a couple rescued cats would work for us. I’m not used to a house without cats.

  3. My parents, huge animal lovers, regularly acquired both stray dogs and cats. Homeless animals seemed to know where to go. We speculated there was an underground railroad of sorts that had identified their address as a safe house for strays.
    Whiskey is a charmer!

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