Post last updated: January 10th, 2020

I love cherry tomatoes and grow them in both the spring and fall.

We have mostly mild winters in Florida. In the summer and fall, however, I would like to pack my bags and head north. The Thousand Islands on the U.S./Canadian border might be far enough north. I suspect those folks in the Thousand Islands don’t have cherry tomatoes ripening at their front steps in February. I do.

Cherry tomatoes in February


I even have blooms!

I threw a few seeds in a pot for my fall garden that didn’t happen. I later shoved the pot behind the liriope border at the front steps. I had the best of intentions of planting it inside a wire tomato cage in that flower bed but that didn’t happen either. It was watered but never fertilized, it was stepped on after it climbed over the liriope, it was covered with a sheet on a night that went down to 26 and, against all these odds, survived.

By the way, if you want to discover the world of tomatoes, Gene the Melon Man says there’s no better spot to hang out than Doc and Katies Garden Xandadu. It’s a friendly, generous and knowledgeable crowd who will teach you the difference between a pink and red tomato.



  1. I’m seeing this in the reader! However the comment section has me filling out everything as though I’m not a wordpress blogger, even though I’m going through wordpress reader. HTH

    1. Catwoods – I don’t think and are REALLY connected. Things on this side are done very differently. I still don’t have my Gravatar worked out and a few other things need “fixin'”.

    1. Marla – Thanks for letting me know. My last post was January 4. After that, I started pulling my hair out trying to go from to

  2. There are things to be happy about living in the Florida spa. I can’t get a ripe tomato by the first frost in November. I’m jealous.
    If you have ever eaten an Ohio tomato you will not like Florida tomatoes ever again. Just ask Kevin. He says NC tomatoes can’t compare either.

  3. Linda – I’m enjoying your new blog look! Hooray! for the little tomatoes and for hanging in there. Wouldn’t catch me up there in that cold weather for anything more than a visit. Yes, I complain about the heat and the bugs here in the south – but HATE cold and snow that lasts more than 24 hours.
    I had a devil of a time with WordPress, I asked them to help me switch things over with my new blog address and they completely misunderstood what I wanted or else did not care and did what they wanted. After several go rounds with some dude in another country I settled with their version of how my blog URL would be. Sigh. Looking forward to seeing you post more often. xo kim

    1. Kim – I am totally adverse to cold weather, too, but the Florida HEAT is just as bad. I stay indoors from June until November. Thank heavens for air-conditioning. I can tell you that you get more help from the Happiness Engineers on this side of WordPress and fairly quickly, too. BUT, you are paying for just about everything. For instance, Akismet, the spam protection you enjoy, is not free on this side. Nor is malware. WordPress and some of its themes are free but I read that you can lose your blog styling when an update is made to your theme if you don’t have a genesis child theme so I bought one of those. I really wonder about the truth of that but who wants to take a chance when you aren’t the tech type.

  4. Hi Linda, I love little cherry tomatoes, too! We have mild winters, but we have too much frost for summer vegetables like tomatoes. Nevertheless, I prefer our dreary, wet winter over summer, hands down! I am always trying to have an attitude adjustment about summer, but I just barely tolerate it. We do have wonderful falls and springs. So I shouldn’t complain too much.

  5. You have tomatoes?
    I’m jealous.
    I planted some seed yesterday in a pot… With this beautiful weather we’re having, I think I’m a bit late.

    I have some cherry tomatoes that you may need to start at yer house…. They originally came from florida.
    Have you ever grown everglades tomatoes?
    They self sow…

    Hated to read your defense of air conditioning…. I have to dress for a blizzard in the summer anytime I want to go inside anywhere…

    1. Hey Stone – Sorry I am late in answering. You got caught in the spam filter even though it had “23 approved” under your name. You are so funny — dressing for a blizzard to go out into the world. I do NOT like humidity or sweat. I should be lady-like and call it perspiration but that is not what it is down here in the tropics. I have tomatoes only because we had a relatively mild winter. I don’t think you are late in planting. I planted tomato seeds a month ago under 24/7 lights and I keep having to raise the chain on the fluorescent fixture. They are 7 inches tall! I never heard of Everglades tomatoes.

  6. Hi Linda, the resilience of those tomatoes is amazing. I also like your new blog look. Hope your summer won’t be too hot. We’re still in summer and we haven’t had many very hot days.

    1. Catmint – You are SO lucky not to be slammed with very hot days. It’s very humid in Florida and makes the heat more unbearable. We are currently in winter-moving-to-spring. It was warm and sunny today so I picked two of those tomatoes, wiped them off and popped them in my mouth. Luscious taste and warmth!

  7. I am impressed, but since I have a black thumb when it comes to veggie gardening, the bar is not very high. Keep up your lackadaisical style of gardening and who knows what will happen.

  8. For some reason I wasn’t getting notifications so I have resubscribed. Hasn’t this winter been so warm? Just love cherry tomatoes – they are actually the only ones that I have ever grown successfully here.

    1. Kate – I think you got “lost” in the migration of my subscribers because your post is saying “0 approved” which means it doesn’t recognize you as having commented before. Now that you mention it, I haven’t had a lot of luck with regular-sized tomatoes, either. There’s one called Juliet that you should try. It’s a larger cherry tomato that is more plum shaped, if memory serves me. What I DO remember is how good they tasted.

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