Post last updated: March 4th, 2018

The website of the University of Florida IFAS Extension claims this is the Obscure grasshopper, Schistocerca obscura (Fabricius), which comes in conflict with humans because of its fondness for ornamentals such as hibiscus, which is exactly where I found it. The species is a strong flier known as “bird” grasshoppers some of which swarm as locusts.

The day I shot this grasshopper with my camera was his lucky day. I didn’t kill him.

Obscure-grasshopper, Schistocerca-obscura-(Fabricius)-0309
Obscure grasshopper, Schistocerca obscura (Fabricius)

10 thoughts on “OBSCURE GRASSHOPPER”

  1. I have mixed emotions about these fellers. They are God’s creation…they eat my plants…God sent them as a plague…there is a cute cartoon movie called Hoppity Goes to Town…

    1. Gypsy – The only reason you have mixed emotions about them is explained in your second sentence — they are God’s creation. If Satan had invented the grasshopper, you’d be out there stomping the life out of them. It could be that grasshoppers are the ONE thing God got wrong. However, from my earthly perspective, there are at least a few more things.

  2. When I was a Brownie and Girl Scout leader my camp name was GRASSHOPPER. I had a shirt with a BIG embroidered grasshopper on it. For years I’d be shopping and hear someone call out, “Hey, there’s Grasshopper!” I never thought of myself as something that should have been stomped to death by an angry Floridian woman.

    1. Dearest Loysetta – I am not an angry Floridian woman. However, as you will note in my blog post, grasshoppers have the ability to swarm as locusts. I’m not keen on this idea. I’m also not happy when they shred my plants. The only grasshopper I immediately stomp to death, with murderous intent and absolutely no guilt on my part, are those Eastern Lubbers. I said I didn’t kill this Obscure grasshopper and I didn’t even though he and his friend have been rendering my hibiscus to green lace.

  3. Hmm I got to thinking, I know, scary – Japanese Beetles are my garden nemesis. Seems how my chickens got to eat, I don’t feel at all bad about pulling them off my plants and feeding them to the girls. Want to borrow the girls for a bit? I’m sure they would enjoy a grasshopper dinner. xo kim

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