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These are my crockpots


How many of you are afraid to turn on a slowcooker or crockpot and leave the house? I was always afraid the crockpot might burn my house to the ground while I was at work because stuff happens to me. I don’t volunteer for stuff; it jumps on me with glee.

Once I left the 9-to-5 life, I had time to monitor bad crockpot behavior and searched the back of my pantry for a one-quart crockpot I had purchased many years before. It must have been many, many years ago because the metal body had rotted away to nothing while I wasn’t looking. On the bad crockpot behavior list, such action should be right behind torching my house. A crockpot sitting on a dry pantry shelf should not rot away. Even if it sits there for 30 years. I was going to use it someday!

This freak rust incident prompted the purchase of an oval-shaped crockpot by Hamilton Beach. I have cooked all manner of meals in this crockpot although I can’t recommend Crockpot Lasagna.

After a while, I was overcome with the desire for a programmable crockpot. I purchased a 6-quart, shiny stainless steel slow cooker by Crockpot. I can’t remember using it more than once or twice but I’ve got it if I need to feed the village.

Several years passed before temptation placed a third crockpot before me. It was a 2-quart crockpot for less than nine dollars. A bargain! I envisioned using it for side dishes. I could see black-eyed peas in my future.

The 2-quart crockpot went home with me. Rather than open the box, I went to my computer to look for recipes specific to a 2-quart crockpot. I was amazed. There were several websites but Pinterest had the most recipes.

The next day, problems with the new crockpot came to mind.

  • I had nowhere to store it.
  • I had a buzzing in my brain that there might be something wrong with me. Three crockpots? How was I ever going to explain this to Miss Priss on our weekly telephone chat? From time to time, her end of the telephone line goes silent after I have spoken. What if a third crockpot brought on the silent treatment? What if Priss began to think I was making too many Crooked Moon orbits (this is defined at Chicken News)?

In the end, I lost the courage to keep the 2-quart crockpot and returned it to the store. Do any of you have more than two crockpots? It’s time for you to confess.

26 thoughts on “TOO MANY CROCKPOTS?”

  1. The only crockpot I have is to rebatch soap. Other than that I don’t have one because if I leave my house while the crockpot is on, my house will burn down…

  2. I have one Crockpot but am thinking about buying a smaller one. So I won’t have to eat one dish all week to use it up. You should have as many crockpots as you want. The sister doesn’t get to decide. Ha!

    Hope you are having a great 4th. I’ve been working in my yard. The breeze on the back porch is so nice today. Sitting in my rocker, sipping my coffee, and pruning a fern is one of my favorite things to do.

    Cook us up some black eye peas in that crockpot and I’ll be over to sit on your porch.

  3. In order to not be called to feed the village, I have now in my possession a very small crockpot. Good for very small amounts of food. So small that I have never used it. Seems the two of us do eat enough food to supply at least two blocks of the hungry village. I won’t return it for a refund because I have no idea where it came from plus it doesn’t really take up much room wherever it is now.

  4. I never had any problem with a crockpot – UNTIL my husband decided it wasn’t safe to leave it on all day while we were at work. So he turned it off. Without telling me.

    I got home from work and supper was not ready. It hadn’t cooked as the pot was off.

    I was NOT happy.

    He doesn’t remember this, but I do.


  5. I have two crockpots, but I have contemplated getting a third, as a medium sized one would really be quite handy! The thing that is stopping me is that lack of storage. Early on in my marriage I actually did have a crockpot once that burned everything, even stews. I thought it was me for the longest time, and then finally looked online and found that it was a problem with that model. I was very relieved to find out it was the crockpot that was running too hot and not my poor cooking!

    1. Indie – I hope you tossed that burn-the-stew-crockpot. Let’s put that as third on the list of Bad Crockpot Behavior. Glad to hear that, like me, you have two crockpots. No one else has been willing to confess to a second one that is used for cooking.

  6. I have 2. Only use the one with the warm feature since I am usually gone 9 hours at work. I really like it for the weekends, too so I can work outside without having to worry about spending time in a hot kitchen

  7. I have crockpot envy. I have two – one I purchased with all the bells and whistles. Oh how I love that pot. It stopped working a year later. I recently purchased a plain jane crock pot – no bells no whistles just on and off. It stinks. I haven’t brought myself to throw away the one that doesn’t work. I dunno maybe I think it will somehow miraculously start working again. Yes, I leave them turned on and go about my business away from home and then get halfway down the driveway or to my destination and think – maybe I shouldn’t leave that thing running while I am away…

    1. Kim – I’m so glad to learn I’m not the only one who suspects crockpots might torch the house. Save your egg money and buy another one with all the bells and whistles. You should have contacted the manufacturer when it stopped working after a year. They probably would have replaced it.

  8. Not to brag, but…I have one crockpot, which I received as a wedding gift 41 years ago. No rust on this one! I have used it often over the years; the last time I used it was today. Yes, I sometimes have left it on while leaving the house and never felt unsafe doing that. But sometimes I wish it would break or something, so I could be justified in buying a new one. Surely the new ones have better features!

    1. Deb – You have certainly gotten your monies worth and I wouldn’t wish it an early demise. You can justify a new one by getting one in a different size. Clearly, from the comments here, any crockpots over two could suggest you might need an “intervention” and with you having only one, you have nothing to fear.

  9. Lol! Hilarious! I only have one but sadly I’m one of those people who won’t leave the house for long if it’s on….ridiculous, I mean you are supposed to be able to come home at the end of the day to that wonderful smell of dinner all ready to eat. I just always think I will be the one person who burns down the house with an unattended crockpot! Sigh….

  10. You are soooo right that I would have stopped speaking to you when you told of purchasing a third crock-pot. One is just fine.

    1. Miss Priss – The only reason you think one crockpot is sufficient is due to the fact you seldom drag yours out of the cabinet. Oh, and should I mention that your crockpot was handed down to you from Momma and dates back to the beginning of crockpots.

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