Post last updated: September 25th, 2018

Georgie Golfcart, Mrs. Golfcart’s step-daughter, found a wonderful trellis idea on YouTube.

Although Mr. Golfcart built these trellises for the veggie gardens of both Georgie and Mrs. Golfcart, I feel like any woman could easily build these by herself, if necessary.

Mrs. Golfcart trellis w flag-0198
Mrs. Golfcart’s trellis with our place in the background


Mrs. Golfcart trellis-0199
Several of Mrs. Golfcart’s trellis


Close-up of trellis corner brackets
Close-up of trellis corner brackets

The trellis is constructed of ½ inch emt pipe (check or for “emt” or “conduit”) and 2 corner brackets. A ten foot section of emt pipe runs about $2.30 and the corner pieces are $4.50 each. How much emt you need will depend on the height and width you choose to build your trellis while avoiding wasted pipe.

For the netting, you can string it yourself or buy netting. Mrs. Golfcart got netting for $3.50 but I don’t have the specifics.

To give credit where credit is due, Georgie got this idea from YouTube:

Mrs. Golfcart’s harvest the day I was photographing the trellises.

Mrs Golf Cart harvest gary-0197


  1. Most excellent!! Vertical gardening is just the ticket for those with limited space or bending issues!!!

  2. Great trellis idea! And what a beautiful harvest! Those pipes are handy – we actually built a desk using pipes and an old door after seeing something online about how to do it, and it turned out pretty good. YouTube is very awesome. We fix most of the stuff in our house with the help of YouTube!

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