Post last updated: October 3rd, 2018

My brother Bubba is around more these days because he’s renovating Poppie’s house for himself and his wife. He’s a birder, among other things. He also has a better camera and better photography skills. He set up his camera near the Triangle Bed with a long lens and a remote program on his iPad that allowed him to shoot photos from the back porch.

Bubba claims this bird is the female Downy Woodpecker but, in my opinion, it could easily be the Hairy Woodpecker because of its size. The two birds are almost identical but Audubon gives a few clues for differentiating them.

If this is a Downy woodpecker, their diet includes insects, seeds and berries, and visits to bird feeders.

Downy Woodpecker to side of his nestGary Jones, FotoForU.com
Downy Woodpecker to side of his nest
Gary Jones, FotoForU.com


Downy Woodpecker peeking inside nestGary Jones, FotoForU.com
Downy Woodpecker peeking inside nest
Gary Jones, FotoForU.com


"Looking good!"Gary Jones, FotoForU.com
“Looking good!”
Gary Jones, FotoForU.com

12 thoughts on “A DOWNY WOODPECKER?”

  1. Neat pictures! I’m inclined to go with downy, with a slightly smaller bill. But female, I think–no red nape patch. It would be easier if they came with labels–but less of a challenge. I’ve got a picture of a lovely hawk in a tree in my yard–which is either a small Cooper’s or a large sharp-shinned; it’s right in the middle size wise.

      1. We’ve missed you at the meetings–maybe this Tuesday? Dogwood’s having a program on pests. It probably won’t help with my little brother but might help my gardening. : )

        1. Now THAT’S funny, Wendy! Won’t help with your little brother, indeed. I’m having some minor skin cancer surgery on Monday so I don’t see myself heading to the garden club on Tuesday. You hold down the fort for me!

  2. Beautiful pictures. Glad your brother is around more. I know he is company for you. I have two woodpeckers in my trees. They like the bird feeders. I don’t know what kind they are.

    1. Betty – We have two other woodpeckers, too. One is very large like a crow but with a red crown. He’s a Pileated Woodpecker. The other one has a red spot on his head but is called a Red-Bellied Woodpecker (go figure!).

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