Post last updated: October 3rd, 2018

For the benefit of new vegetable gardeners who are planting potatoes for the first time, this is what they look like when they pop out of the ground.

My Siamese cat’s foot is in the upper left corner of the photo to demonstrate┬áthat these are newly sprouted potatoes, just barely an inch out of the ground.

One bag of Yukon gold seed potatoes from Wal-Mart will plant three-quarters of a 50 foot row. Planted March 15, they will be ready to harvest in 90 days.

Yukon Gold potato seedling
Yukon Gold potato seedling
Photo taken March 29, 2016


  1. With temperatures twenty degrees colder than it should be and warnings to cover everything that is trying to grow, I doubt if my potatoes will be up an inch by the fourth of July. Of course I’d have to plant some first. I’m crying over my wisteria blooms. Year two of a freeze. I have been trying to get a bloom for 30 years and finally got a plant to actually make buds only to have the weather zap them before I can enjoy them.

    1. I feel your pain, Loysetta. Every year, either rain or a freeze gets our azaleas. Too bad you aren’t able to cover the wisteria but the way they grow way up in the tree tops, I know that’s impossible. Your freeze brought cooler temps here and it has been just lovely. Cool and breezy but I know it won’t last. A/C is still on; use A/C in the car but for working in the yard, it’s great weather.

  2. What do you do with all those potatoes? You can’t eat them all. I’m not growing any vegetables this year. I’m cutting back on my work load out in the heat. I’m only growing plants from now on. No more flowers or vegetables to water. Forgot about my roses. I will still have roses.

    1. Betty – My spring vegetable garden is just above over in June and from then until November, I probably won’t grow anything. I grew southern peas one year but, like you said, the heat and the bugs were unbearable. I have a couple of roses, one is that Louis Phillipe from Westermann. I’ve tried and tried to root more of it but have failed. I wish she had stayed in the club and could teach me how to root roses.

  3. Very cool! I’ve never grown potatoes before, unless you count the sprouting potatoes I put in a bucket to grow and of course forgot to pay attention to them and harvest.

  4. Potatoes are one of my favorite to grow. Looks like you and helper kitty have a good start. Sure wish I had some of that sandy soil here. Can’t wait to see your harvest.

    1. Yes, Kimmie, we have soft, sandy soil. If my brother cultivates the walking rows with his Stihl attachment, my feet sink up to my ankles. I have to amend it a lot with leaves, sticks, compost, to give it some growing umpf. Them taters is up a good 7″ now.

  5. My hubby stuck seed potatoes amongst my onion plants, unknown to me. I don’t know how this will affect either the onion or potato harvest, but my potatoes are up and growing!

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