1. For some reason I’m not getting your post. I must have turned something off that I didn’t mean to. Any way these are fabulous. I have a very rusty one like the one on the left. The one on the right I saw at tractor supply the other day and I was wishing it would magically make it in to my truck. It did not.

    1. Kimmie – I am so sorry the windmill at Tractor Supply refused to cooperate with your wishes. You must send it stronger mental vibes next time. Go to your reader, look over there at the left where it says something like Followed Sites and click on that. Look for me and I should have a green check mark. Hopefully, you didn’t delete me.

  2. 1st because I am your sister and that allows me to annoy you – Is hafta a word? 2nd although those windmills are lovely to look at you and Mr. Golfcart should also be generating some wind energy from them and… there was a 3rd, but being this late at night after a 9+hour day at the office that train left the station without me on it! Always love your photos.

    1. Dear Priss – “hafta,” as I’m sure you can surmise, is a shortened version of “have to.” I have a lot of my own words. I’m allowed. I orbit the crooked moon. Mr. Golfcart assures me the windmills are merely decorative.

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