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Flag artist: Robin Pickens
Flag artist: Robin Pickens

I’m a huge fan of these big garden flags if they have really vibrant color. I was cruising through Wal-Mart in 2015 and this flag all but jumped off the display and slapped me to the ground. Talk about vibrant color – WOW! So I kept it for the New Year and rather than annoy the neighbors with fireworks, I’m gonna put their eyes out with my flag.

I started my New Year off with the same resolutions as last year because I didn’t finish them. Plus I sent up a lot of prayers of gratitude when I didn’t bust anything while doing a combination Lucille Ball/Carol Burnett trick with arms pinwheeling, legs going in every direction and the umbrella slicing the air. It must have been a sight to behold. Luckily, it was 7 a.m. and raining so the neighbors weren’t out to do any of that beholding. You know that gunk that builds up on concrete where the sun doesn’t reach? Yep, there’s a strip of it right down the middle of the driveway and my right foot slid out from under me too fast for a correction and I never mastered those cheerleader splits, anyway, so I wound up in a heap on the wet, concrete driveway. I’ve got a huge bruise on my left shin and all my joints were rearranged which required a few chiropractic adjustments to put them back where they belonged. Whew. Was God with me or what?

In the News You Can Use department, this NBC link will give you Chick-Fil-A’s coleslaw recipe because they are discontinuing it and replacing it with something involving kale. Now, I like Russian Kale but the rest of it they can keep so I’m just a little skeptical. Also, you fans of the 20% off coupon at Bed, Bath & Beyond may want to take note that their coupons are a little too popular with the populace and may be scaled back.

30 thoughts on “NEW YEAR, NEW FLAG”

  1. Love your flag. You do love bright things!! I’m ready for some of that bright yellow sunshine. Hey, you can remove that gunk with bleach and water. I know who wants to do that? My front walk and porch needs cleaning pretty often. Right now, I’m hoping the bad people fall and break their necks if they try to come in my house!!!

    Thank goodness my Mom taught me how to make coleslaw. I’m not eating Kale coleslaw. I like Kale but not as slaw. Besides I make chicken sandwiches at home.

    Well, I’m not a big Bed and Bath user either so there! Every now and then I go over to their stores. But mainly I can live life without them. I did read today where K-mart and Sears are closing some stores. I like the K-mart on San Jose because no one shops there, and I can get in and out quick. Sometimes they have pretty good garden stuff. Watch they will close my K-mart because no one but me shops there. Darn! I thought it was a secret.

    1. Betty – I’d rather shoot that bleach and water through a pressure washer. This spring I’ll talk my brother into bringing his over. Of course, they are going to close your K-Mart. You aren’t shopping there enough to keep them in business and since no one else will…

  2. FYI: I experienced the same gymnastic feat walking the dog down the snow covered sidewalk. That devious snow masked the ice rink that had formed beneath it. Altho my arms were swirling and feet attempting a field goal kick I made a perfect 6 point landing in a snowbank. The only injury was a slight bump on my knee so no emergency services required. Moose was a very obedient dog and stood by me looking directly in my face. I guess he was checking if I was breathing. Unfortunately the audience hadn’t filled the stadium yet and my amazing feat went unnoticed by the world. We should put our two acts together and go on tour.

  3. Your flag is a delight!! Glad you did not really hurt yourself. No fun fallin’…I know!! I would have liked to see a picture, though. jus sayin’


  4. Oh no! Glad you didn’t break anything! Hope those bruises heal up quickly! Interesting that they are changing the coleslaw recipe. Usually you don’t mess with a Southern classic! I foresee them bringing the regular one back. Though I don’t eat coleslaw anyway, and there is no Chick-fil-A near where we live either (sad for my tastebuds, but good for my waistline).

    1. Indie – I’m with you. I can see them bringing classic coleslaw back. One of their employees told me all the ingredients in the new salad and it was some bizarre stuff. I just don’t foresee a wide acceptance of it unless the public is further along in their rejection of processed foods than I think they are.

  5. I am glad you were not hurt badly! I just learned to eat kale this year. I am growing a giant blue variety called “Dinosaur.” I cut the sides off the stems, then roll the sides like a jelly roll, then use kitchen scissors to snip the rolls into thin slices. The thin curly slices look great in a salad, and they taste like cabbage.

    1. Deb — Okay, if it tastes like cabbage, I’ll try it. The Russian Kale I grow is always stir fried with other greens so I have no idea how it tastes. At least it’s not overwhelming like cilantro. Ick!

  6. Great flag! Love the color and words. I admit to laughing shamelessly at videos of people falling; but I am SO glad to know you weren’t seriously injured. I fell very hard on the frozen ground last year and it made awful bruises and aches in my joints.

    1. Yep, Marla, it’s those joint aches that sent me running to the chiropractor after a week and a half of suffering. In your neck of the woods, I imagine frozen ground is just as hard as a concrete driveway.

          1. I had some very slick spots in our driveway this week, hiding under a light snow. Very misleading! Sort of like when you walk in your socks onto a bit of over-spray of dusting spray on a wood or vinyl floor!

  7. I’ll buy tickets to your show with Loysetta! At least you know where your big bruise came from. I get bruises all the time and my loving husband will ask “Where did you get that?”. I always have the same dumb answer, “I don’t know”.

  8. I love that flag. I wish I could have seen your spill. I would have checked to make sure you were alright and then I would have sat and laughed and laughed and laughed. You and Loysetta make me laugh. Thank God neither one of you numbnuts hurt yourselves. You two live an adventurous life.

  9. Oh my, goodness, in spite of the fact that I found your double half-gainer to be highly amusing (ok only the visual you painted) I really feel for you and hope everything is back in place as it should be and that the bruising is mended soon. You got to be careful out there. AND I love the new flag

    1. Kim – It’s okay if you laugh at my posts. I aim to entertain as well as occasionally post useful stuff. I’m all healed up from the driveway disaster. Now I’m dealing with some bad dizziness. Hope I don’t have some kind of viral something-or-other that permanently impairs me.

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