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Zorro when he's not up to mischiefNovember 10, 2014
Zorro when he’s not up to mischief
Photo taken November 10, 2014

Zorro has entered the Terrible Twos and is good for at least two good laughs a day. Whenever I hear a loud noise coming from the direction of his last known location in the house, I holler, “What have you down now???” Immediately, a wail arises that, if translated, would probably mean “I didn’t do it!”


16 thoughts on “TERRIBLE TWOS”

  1. Ha, I believe it! I have my own feisty one who, when younger, got himself into all sorts of mischief. He once got himself stuck in the refrigerator (thank goodness we went looking for him when we did!) Thankfully he is beyond the terrible two’s now… (Good luck.)

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