Post last updated: November 21st, 2019

My friend Lam shared several different kinds of bulbs with me a while back and I planted all of them in the same area. A few days ago, as I was leaving the Southern Rural Route, I discovered this yellow Spider Lily blooming where I had planted her bulbs. It really catches your eye better than this photograph indicates.

Yellow Spider Lily
Yellow Spider Lily

12 thoughts on “YELLOW SPIDER LILY”

  1. I do believe you can grow anything out there on the Southern Rural Route. I know the old girl can give computer lessons and take outstanding pictures. I suspect she’s a very good southern cook, too. And she’s a kitty lover and a fashion statement with that long fringe on the purse. Then you throw in how much she loves family and country. And darn she’s a pretty special gal! So glad she is my friend.

  2. Very pretty! Spider lilies are so beautiful, but I’ve never dared to plant them because the leaves are supposed to go dormant during summer, which means I’d very likely accidentally keep digging it up. The poor bleeding hearts that someone gave me are in quite mortal danger, though I’ve done my best to plant them among the hostas and ferns (which I realized this summer that I want to dig up and move at some point, ack!)

    1. How awful, Charlie. Word Press marked you as spam and I just found you. I agree about not wanting to toss or compost plants from my garden. I need to do the annual thinning of my yellow and orange canna lilies but not everyone wants cannas because they do have to be watched to keep them from taking over.

  3. That spider lily is certainly eye catching. I’ve got one that pops up from time to time that looks like that but is pink. I know what Indie means about the risk of digging them up, those perennials are a challenge.

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