Post last updated: October 3rd, 2018

The Mandarin Garden Club is again cranking up their social calendar after taking the summer off.  Who wants to garden in the heat and humidity of Florida? I consider myself saintly to even do maintenance during the summer.

Tuesday, September 15, the Dogwood Circle met and I went because they had Terry DeValle, the Duval County Extension Agent, speaking on “Color in the Landscape (Attracting Birds, Bees, & Hummers)”. She offered an informative slide show on flowers and small shrubs that thrive in Northeast Florida.

The Duval County Extension always assumes you buy starter plants at the nursery which has forced me into backyard science experiments in growing flowers from seed. It has been hit or miss, for sure. I wish they offered a list of annual and perennial flowers that grow here in Northeast Florida but, to my knowledge, they do not.

As a reminder, the Mandarin Garden Club is a public garden open to anyone, unless it is closed for a private event. They like to keep a count of visitors so don’t forget to sign in at the glass fronted wooden box.

A rain storm was brewing and the wind made it hard to take photographs but I got a few:

This passion flower was the start of my involvement with MGC. I asked for a cutting I could root.
This passion flower was the start of my involvement with MGC.
I asked for a cutting I could root.


name unknownI didn't look for the marker, okay?
name unknown
I didn’t look for the marker, okay?


Dark pink/magenta pentaI have light pink; need some of this next year.
Dark pink/magenta penta
I have light pink; need some of this next year.




Firebush and bee


Eastern Tiger Swallowtail
Eastern Tiger Swallowtail


Mary Clark said Becky B added this to the MGC garden.See Becky and Bunny post.
Mary Clark said Becky B added this to the MGC garden.
See Becky and Bunny post.

16 thoughts on “MANDARIN GARDEN CLUB”

  1. Beautiful pictures. You are so good with your camera. I bet we can find a list of flowers and plants that do well in Florida. In fact, I have a book I’m going to bring you on Thursday. But I want it back, please. I hope everyone at your table today was “nice”.

  2. You see my extent of gardening… I am sure the Extension Office has a list for any plant matter you have in question (I’ve worked the phones there, I know). Oh, and you are a saint xoxo!

  3. Lovely photos–and I agree the wind and the diminishing light made shooting a challenge. Did you see the long-tailed skippers on the firebush? It was a pleasure to see you yesterday and compare a few notes on newsletters and blogs. I’m looking forward to talking again.

  4. Very lovely! It’s so nice when it cools down enough to garden again. Back in North Carolina, my old neighbors were quite used to seeing me out in the early morning watering while still in my pajamas. Anything to beat the heat!

      1. Ha, never mind ‘eccentric’ – every time we dig up yet another part of our yard, we always talk about how we’re pretty sure the neighbors must think we’re downright crazy!

  5. That watering can is very cute, and I love the photo of the butterfly. I don’t know when you’re supposed to plant the seeds but I think a lot of it is trial and error. Sometimes it works when you think it won’t and vice versa.

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