Post last updated: October 3rd, 2018

Pink and White VincaPurchased this spring from Lowes
Pink and White Vinca
Purchased this spring from Lowes
Hope this produces seeds
Coneflowers grown from seedFinally have enough of them for a decent grouping
Coneflowers grown from seed
Finally have enough of them for a decent grouping
Hibiscus/Mallow grown from ‘Luna Swirl’ (pink and white) seed
Dave’s Garden says plants will not come true from seed
It did the first year but not this year

10 thoughts on “BLOOMING TODAY”

    1. Blondie – I’ve noticed a touch of pink on ONE of the three bushes I grew from seed. Although I would like to have the pink and white blooms, it kinda doesn’t matter because I’m so amazed at the SIZE of the bloom.

  1. Love that Luna Swirl! I used to have a pink Luna Swirl in North Carolina, and the size of those blooms are amazing. Love the white!

  2. I am going to plant more vinca next year. It is such an easy care, beautiful plant. I love the color of yours.

    1. Deb – I found that amazing pink and white Vinca in an inexpensive 6-pack or 12-pack at Wal-Mart. I’m thinking it was under $3 but my memory ain’t worth squat. It took it a long time to fill out.

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