Post last updated: October 3rd, 2018

Everyone who sets foot on my covered porch feels compelled to tell me that I have wasps nesting on my aluminum porch cover. They are usually shocked to discover that I allow the wasps to return, year after year, because they are pollinators. Don’t believe me? Will you take the feds word for it?  Then look here:

Wasp Nestapproximately 2.5 inches in diameter on porch roof
Wasp Nest
approximately 2.5 inches in diameter on porch roof

Their general reaction is, “Not on my porch!” I assure them that they can sit with me in one of my rocking chairs and not be bothered by the wasps. The wasps will fly around but as long as you don’t swat at them they will leave you alone.

This one in the door jamb of my front porch will eventually be dispatched because I don’t like them getting in the house. Again, they won’t bother me in my house but they always end up in the guest bath toilet and are hard to flush.

New wasp nest in front door jamb
New wasp nest in front door jamb

The bees who visit are more problematical. They aren’t honey or bumble bees and they don’t bother me but they do crawl around in the cat food bowls. Zorro, who is now a year old, will attack anything that moves. He swatted at one of those bees in his bowl the other day and got stung. If that bee had a nest on my porch, I would likely dispatch him for harming my baby kitty but I don’t know the nest location. I was sitting in one of my rocking chairs yesterday and watched one come in for a landing on a cat food bowl. The next thing it did I wouldn’t have believed but for seeing it with my own eyes. It scooped up one of the dry cat food crumbs and flew off with it! Who knew that bees like dry cat food?

13 thoughts on “BEES AND WASPS”

  1. I am proud of your Wasp Protection Plan. Wish more people were as open to helping bees and wasps…

  2. Maybe your bees are actually yellow jackets. They seem to be drawn to food of any kind. If you have fruit trees they are terrible. Good thing you get along with the wasps because their sting is extremely painful.

  3. Bees into cat food is new to me! My dear hubby used to keep a can of bug spray with him to spray at any bee in sight. I preached at him endlessly, and I think I have finally convinced him not to do that. At least he doesn’t do it any more when I am around!

    1. Deb – So many folks freaked out about a few pollinators has probably contributed to our lack of them. I think gardeners, more than anyone, realize that we NEED bugs. Except those giant grasshoppers in Florida. They must go…

  4. Congrats on leaving the wasps alone.
    I had a nest next to my door all last summer… It was nice having somebody working security… I hoped they’d come back this year… No such luck…

    I painted my house this summer… And some nests had to come down… Some of them stayed… With areas left unpainted… I can paint those areas later…

    1. Stone – For some reason, you were sent to spam this time and I just found you. Too funny about the wasps working security. Love that one! I hope I can remember it to use it on my visitors who act like I’ve got terrorists on my porch. My memory, if it ever existed, must have been a thing of beauty.

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