Post last updated: October 3rd, 2018

In 2014, I purchased these daylilies through Facebook vendors and they are blooming for the first time:

Claimed Blessing - 5.25 inch bloomDaylilies of the Valley
Claimed Blessing – 5.25 inch bloom
Daylilies of the Valley
Chestnut Eyes - double 4.5 inch bloomRyder Daylilies
Chestnut Eyes – double 4.5 inch bloom
Ryder Daylilies
Terry Lyninger - 5.5 inch bloomI missed photographing the prettier versionsDaylilies of the Valley
Terry Lyninger – 5.5 inch bloom
I missed photographing the prettier versions
Daylilies of the Valley
Matt - 5.5 inch bloomI like the subtle coloringDaylilies of the Valley
Matt – 5.5 inch bloom
I like the subtle coloring
Daylilies of the Valley
Bali Watercolor – 9 inch bloom
Daylilies of the Valley
Open Hearth - 9 inch bloomRyder Daylilies
Open Hearth – 9 inch bloom
Ryder Daylilies
Mary Lightfine - 5.25 inch bloomactual color - untouchedRyder Daylilies
Mary Lightfine – 5.25 inch bloom
actual color – untouched
Ryder Daylilies
Pandora's Box - 4 inch bloomRyder Daylilies
Pandora’s Box – 4 inch bloom
Ryder Daylilies
Sand Pebbles - 5.5 inch bloom Ryder Daylilies
Sand Pebbles – 5.5 inch bloom
Ryder Daylilies
Stella Supreme daylily
Stella Supreme daylily – 3″ bloom


26 thoughts on “NEW DAYLILIES”

    1. Nancy – You should have come in May — that’s when I had the profusion of blooms. I just didn’t get around to posting it, sigh. There might be one or two blooming on Sunday but mostly they have quit.

    1. Gypsy – I’ll check the AHS site photo against mine for ‘Lime Ice.’ The odd thing is, well, really it’s not so odd considering the miserable condition of my memory, I have No Idea when or where I got that daylily. But I love the color of it.

    1. Blondie – I did not order the purple and yellow one. I ordered Neon Rainbow, a totally different look, but got this instead. I had to ask her for the name when it bloomed and she offered to send what I ordered but I was happy with this one. I’ll still get the Neon Rainbow down the road.

    1. Kimmie – I like the variety of daylilies but I’m finding that I’m accidentally ordering nearly the same daylilies so I was really glad the gal made a mistake and sent me the Bali Watercolor because it IS very different from what I’ve got.

  1. Lovely flowers. You are a real collector of daylilies, Linda. Interesting that some flowers seem to hybridize more freely than others.

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