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On the Southern Rural Route, half of us are retired and the other half works. The retired half are supervised by Mr. Golf Cart in the sense that he pays attention to our comings and goings because he lives at the top of the street on the main drag. Occasionally, he steers his golf cart into the driveway and toots his horn to let us know we are up for an inspection or an inquiry about anything he has seen us doing. Wearing his “Security” hat, he does his level best to keep everyone in line.

Mr. Golf Cart
Mr. Golf Cart

A couple of times I was given authority to supervise the neighbors when Mr. Golf Cart went on vacation but when I missed important events – a burglary and a house that burnt to the ground – my authority was revoked.

In the olden days, if Mr. Golf Cart needed to know why he hadn’t seen me around, he would ask Poppie. Obviously, without a seance, this is no longer possible. I’ve taken to reporting my comings and goings to Mr. Golf Cart.  I’m telling you, if I suddenly went missing on a day-to-day basis, he’d have the cops out there busting my door down. Not particularly anxious to find my front door hanging from its hinges, I called to advise him of a temporary change in my daily routine. I was going to work a full-time gig for two weeks and two days.

The first morning I rolled down the street to head for my gig, Mr. Golf Cart was out there in his driveway waving a stick with red streamers to wish me well. It’s comforting to know that someone cares enough to do that even if it was a joke.

24 thoughts on “MR. GOLF CART”

  1. What a great neighbor you have there. Has he ever taken you a ride in his golf cart? He could train you to be more observant and notice things like houses burning to the ground.

    1. Yes, he’s a great neighbor. When I let the house burn to the ground, I think he gave up on my ability to be trained. Yes, I’ve been for a ride in both his and The Hippy’s golf carts. My brother plans to move into Poppie’s house and he’s already worrying about getting himself a golf cart so he can fit in.

  2. Well, it is nice to have a neighborhood watch dog.
    It is also comforting to know that someone cares enough to keep an eye out for you.

    1. Meta — Yes to both. Mr. Golf Cart has alerted the police to two abandoned vehicles in our neighborhood that turned out to be stolen. He’s very valuable and I’m glad he takes his “Security” job seriously. He wasn’t too impressed to learn that he and Mrs. Golf Cart had been gone for four days and I didn’t even notice. I complained that I DID NOT get an email about his travel plans.

  3. Small town at its best! Mama’s yard man did the same. He would call and check in if something didn’t seem right.

  4. I bet I have someone in my neighborhood who watches everything, but I have no idea who they are. I have lived in my house since 1983 and have no idea what my neighbors do and don’t do. Although, one summer about five years ago I opened my kitchen blinds which face the street to see a robot rolling down the sidewalk. It was the bomb squad! When I rushed to the front door to look out, there were police and a huge bomb squad tank looking like thing in the middle of my street. A policeman told me to go back inside and I did right away. I never did get the whole story about what was going on, but I guess that’s the most exciting thing that has ever happened on my street. I still don’t know the people whose house this all happened at. They live on the other side of the street from me way down the block, and I just hope if they ever do have their house blown up I’m not home!!!!

    1. Betty – I’m guessing you have “secret” security. Probably a little old lady. What you NEED is “Security” that finds out all about the bomb squad and tells you later on what went down. We have always known that Mr. Golf Cart will get all the facts. I don’t think it’s a good idea to live anonymously in a neighborhood. We all wave at each other and occasionally chat but none of us infringes on each other’s privacy.

  5. Thank you for the belly laugh. Good neighbors, good neighbors with a sense of humor are hard to beat! Man I thought I was in my own world, but I think even I would notice a house burning! I often think I would love to have a golf cart to toot around in – but then I’d most likely do something with it I shouldn’t.

    1. Kimmie – You know I’m always good for a belly laugh except when I’m being serious. I try not to do that too often. Mr. Golf Cart has a FABULOUS sense of humor that he often aims at me because I’m so gullible. In my defense, I live at the BACK of the property, not up near the street. If I was in my house with the windows shut, I would not be aware of a fire down the street. His golf cart has a utility trailer on the back where the back seat would go. So Mr. Golf Cart could haul dead bodies around, if needed. Ever since I bought that car with a stain in the trunk, I think about hauling dead bodies around.

  6. My next door neighbor is like that, minus the golf cart and facial hair. But, boy, she knows everything about everybody, and she would never miss a robber or a whiff of smoke. She would probably catch the robber, too, and hold him at bay till the police arrived. Every neighborhood needs someone like that. My powers of observation are more like yours, in that my nose is usually stuck in a plant.

    1. Deb – Lately, my nose has been stuck in a book. I started needed “escapism” the day Poppie died and I still need the crutch to get through the days. I’ve read 25 books since February 28.

  7. Think it was kind of cool for Mr. Golfcart to be out waving streamers on your first day of work. He didn’t have to do that, but it sounds like it brought a smile to your face when you needed one. Think it’s really nice to have a concerned observer looking out for the folks in your neighborhood and you were smart to let him know your routine had changed. It does make you feel safer.

    The guy across the street was always watching out for everyone, but he is with your Poppie and that just leaves my husband and the guy next door (who is out a lot). Nice going, Mr. Golfcart ! Live long and prosper.

  8. What a great community you live in, Linda. I’m not surprised he sacked you and appointed someone else – lol! But it’s not all bad, now you’ve got someone watching your back. Enjoy the gig.

  9. Aw, how nice! That’s too funny that he even has a security hat. I felt rather good that in our last neighborhood, the mailman seemed to keep a watch over things, and between him and our friend across the street, someone would notice if we didn’t turn up after a day or so. In our current neighborhood, people are nosy enough, but nobody is around enough to really keep an eye on things.

  10. Glad Mr. Golf cart is keeping an eye on you and bringing a smile to your face. But tell me HOW does one miss a house burning down? I understand missing the burglary – after all those people don’t want to be seen, but a burn down!!!

  11. Kudos to Mr. Golf cart. I have “The Mayor” in my zip code. He takes great care of the hood including snow blowing, gutter cleaning and keeping me updated on the goings on (like Deb, my face is in a plant, though I prolly would’ve noticed a house on fire 🙂 ). He also brings fresh dinner after fishing trips, yummmm.

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