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Becky and Bunny2-

This is Becky B. and her bunny. Those of you who read the Comments already know Becky as the Gypsy. Frankly, I don’t know whether she is descended from gypsies or just fancies herself one. I do know she orbits the Crooked Moon (definition provided in first paragraph).

Most people have cats and dogs for pets. Not Becky. She does bunnies. Becky claims that bunnies are very much like cats – great personalities and they are warm and cuddly!! She got her start with a rescue bunny in her neighborhood and it went from there. One of her bunnies, Alexander, spoke French if you can believe it, and was always greeted at the veterinarian’s office with “Bon jour, Alexander!”

Alexander is now in bunny heaven and after his departure, Mr. Becky said, “No more bunnies!” I don’t know how long this lasted but it obviously wasn’t permanent. Their daughter was shopping for dog food at Rupert’s, who, according to Becky, has his own novel.

“Mom, there is the cutest little bunny here! I’ll send a picture to Dad.”

In a few minutes, Mr. Becky walked in with his phone and said, “Look at the picture M just sent.”

Becky tried to explain, “She’s the last bunny there, all the others had been adopted, and she has been alone for weeks.”

“Poor little thing.  Well, when you get her, you take care of her!”

And that is how Becky got Enna, the little Scottish bunny, who, of course, told Becky her name.

26 thoughts on “BECKY AND BUNNY”

  1. Becky does the Crooked Moon so well!!! She brings lots of fun and joy to Mandarin Garden Club. To tell the truth, she sometimes brings a little mischief , too! Ha!! That is one lucky Bunny to get to live with Miss Becky!!!!

  2. Lovely!! I was just holding Enna on the porch. She is afraid of the sprinkler…A dear little bumble if there ever was one!!

  3. Too sweet. Did I tell you I have a picture of Mike with Bunny, a white kitten, on his shoulder while he was napping, a few months before Mike died? I tried to copy it off the video his sons did for me, but I can’t make it copy off. You’ll have to come by and see it one day.


    p.s. We had a nice birthday luncheon at Roxanne’s today; she will be undergoing two days of chemo every two months for at least six times; then they’ll look and see how she is doing. This can be a long drawn-out time.

      1. Who would have thunk it. But hanging with you and the gypsy I have learned a lot of stuff I would not have thunk.

  4. Becky is a jewel. I’ve met her and I love that gypsy and her soaps. A friend of mine had a bunny dropped on her steps. She probably should talk to Becky about the sweetie baby’s care.

      1. You’re right, we don’t have one in my neck of the woods and she lives in my neck of the woods. I’ll let her know.

  5. How adorable! My niece has a bunny, and she says similar things about its personality and cuddle factor. In fact, my niece collects all sorts of bunnies and has already told me she is going to inherit the bunny painting in my kitchen!

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