Post last updated: October 3rd, 2018

Three years and three months ago, Meta found my blog and subscribed. That makes her almost a “charter” subscriber because I began writing the blog only two-and-a-half months earlier than her subscribership.

Back in the old days, she commented on my posts more than she does now. I guess she became bashful.

Meta even came to meet me which you can read about at Garden Visitors. Don’t judge us too harshly. The humidity was at least 200% that day and we had been digging up all kinds of plants for her to take home in her minivan after we had emptied it of all the plants she brought me.

Today she shared with me how well her Lion’s Tail is growing in her compost pile. Both of us have long admired Lion’s Tail and acquired our plants before we met each other. It took me years to find the “good” kind with skinny leaves and a pretty bloom. You can read about the other kind here. I moved mine this year and it may not bloom as it tries to recover from transplant shock. Her blooms are magnificent. I forgot to ask her if the bees and butterflies flock to her compost pile to feed on the Lion’s Tail.

Meta's Lion's Tail
Meta’s Lion’s Tail
Photo by Meta

Meta, please come back and talk to us in the Comments. That goes for the rest of you, too.


18 thoughts on “META’S LION TAIL”

  1. I want to come and visit your Lions Tail and hopefully the rest of the lion won’t be hungry when I do.

  2. Thanks Linda,
    It does look rather strange to grow it in my compost bin, but at the time that I had acquired a cutting of it from a nice lady I had put it in there for the time being and forgot about it. It now has grown into a nice big plant, but it is still residing in the compost bin.
    I do have a good place for it now, but I am going to wait until it finishes blooming before I transplant it.
    I don’t recall seeing bees and butterflies, but will pay more attention to it since you asked.

    1. Meta – Mine bloomed really late last year because it was a young plant so I never noticed the bees and butterflies. It grew much bigger than I expected — about 4 feet wide and tall — so I had to move it this year to avoid crowding. It probably won’t bloom this year, either.

  3. Beautiful! Shared plants from a friend’s garden are always special!! I know a Gypsy who has some from a gal from a rural route in the south…

  4. What a delightful looking plant. Never heard of it and I don’t recall seeing it in your garden. You will have to show me the next time I am down.

    1. Belmont — Did you grow the kind with skinny leaves or fat leaves? I favor the skinny leaf version for bloom color and bush quality. The fat leaf variety seems to grow on one stalk and the bloom color is not as vivid.

        1. Ah Belmont – You have the pretty kind, then. Yes, I knew about the marijuana similarity and wrote about that in my first Lion’s Tail article. I think I linked to it in the newer article but, if not, here it is —

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