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Now that it is spring in the morning and summer at noon here in Florida, all three cats choose to stay outside. I have very bad allergies (4 allergy shots each month) and happen to be deathly allergic to cats so I am happy with their choice. Sometimes Big Foot or Zorro choose to spend the night with me.

The two strays, Big Foot and Whiskey, have over-eaten their way into obesity. Now that they are outside, I can’t leave dry cat food in the bowls because it attracts possums and raccoons. I am hopeful these two will slim down.

Big Foot on 5-1-15
Big Foot on 5-1-15
Whiskey on 5-1-15
Whiskey on 5-1-15

Zorro, my baby kitty who is about 10 months of age (based on his adoption date and the age they claimed him to be at that time), is a lean, mean fighting machine. Everything is new to him and he has to inspect it, sniff it, or chase it. Last week, I found a dead mole on the driveway. Yesterday, I pulled into the driveway to find him wrassling a snake. Today, there’s a dead squirrel in the yard on the way to the driveway.  He also likes to chase Whiskey and jump on Big Foot. Warrior kitty.

Zorro on September 17, 2014
Zorro as a baby on September 17, 2014
Zorro on May 1, 2015
Zorro on May 1, 2015

I am hoping Zorro’s nose will turn dark brown again. I’ve had a problem with spring fleas and he has licked a lot of his fur off trying to get at them. I tried diatomaceous earth as a flea preventative (it’s cheaper) but it didn’t work and I went back to Activyl. If any of you have had success with diatomaceous earth for flea prevention, I’d sure like to hear about it.

18 thoughts on “WARRIOR KITTY”

  1. Your kitties are wonderful! Their names certainly follow their looks! Don’t know about fleas…I got a batch on me, once long ago in my horse riding days…Ahhh, the Gypsy life!!
    Gypsy BB

  2. Such beautiful cats! It’s been a long time since we had any critters, but when my youngest daughter tells me I need a pet, I tell her I have her father and that’s enough for me.

  3. Don’t have any ideas on diatomaceous earth, but loved the update on these handsome lads. Little Zorro is quite the hunter. I believe Whiskey could do some damage too, based on the look in his eyes. Big Foot must just watch them and shake his head.

    1. Ann — Whiskey is mean. He’s always trying to beat up on Big Foot (a wussie) and I’m always trying to break them up. Zorro just wants to play with them. He loves to play chase and when I’m out in the yard, he’ll thunder past me at ninety to nothing. He is ALWAYS making me laugh.

  4. Kitties are pretty, but I really like Patricia’s comment that her husband is enough pet for her. I am sure she did not mean to call her husband a pet, but that comment really made me laugh. I have sometimes thought of my husband as a kid, but never a pet. All three — pets, kids and husbands require lots of attention.

  5. What a handsome group of kitties. It is good to have a warrior among them. My biggest nemesis in the garden are voles, and my cat Autumn helps me out. Today she killed four voles and a ground squirrel, that I know of. The good news is I have never seen her kill a bird. Fortunately she enjoys her success with voles!

    1. Deb – I’ve seen both Whiskey and Big Foot kills birds in the past. Not recently, though. I think they are too big and fat to hunt. I watched Zorro worry a lizard to death today. I think he wanted to play with the lizard and when the lizard was on his last breath, unable to fight anymore, Zorro would throw him up in the air so he could pretend to chase it again. That kitty is going to be death to anything that moves around here.

  6. Aw, so cute! That must be hard to be a cat lover and be so allergic to them! I have two cats, one of which is also a food-lover. He fancies himself to be a warrior cat, but when push comes to shove, he runs for the hills. Our girl cat has finally figured that out, and now the tables have turned during their occasional spats.

  7. Linda, you must be very keen on cats to have 3 when you are so allergic to them. In this country feral cats are responsible for killing many small native mammals and birds. I guess it’s useful if they are fat because that will slow them down.

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