Post last updated: October 3rd, 2018

This rose bush was just a stick when given to me by a lovely lady at the Mandarin Garden Club.

Louis Philippe rose Photo taken 4/15/15
Louis Philippe rose
Photo taken 4/15/15
Close-up of Louis Philippe RosePhoto taken 6/10/13
Close-up of Louis Philippe Rose
Photo taken 6/10/13

12 thoughts on “LOUIS PHILIPPE ROSE”

  1. This is a really lovely rose. I like its color, but I especially like its form. Your shrub seems to be very healthy and so full of blooms!

    1. Deb – The photo just doesn’t do it justice. The rose was maybe 4 feet away from where I stood for the shot but it looks further in the photo. The rosebush is one of those “You’d have to be here to truly appreciate it.”

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