Post last updated: October 6th, 2018

Back in 2013, at Chicken News, I explained that Poppie (and truthfully, some of my other relatives as well) seemed to hold the view that I orbit a crooked moon. I have several friends who admit to orbiting that same moon right along with me. I don’t feel bad about that as I had nothing to do with whatever craziness caused their orbit. They hung themselves on that moon all by themselves. Just like I did. I do feel bad, though, that my baby kitty, at six months of age, is apparently orbiting the Crooked Moon, too. It is not normal, to knock the garbage can over, toss out half the garbage, and climb in to go to sleep. I hope the Crooked Moon is not contagious!

Zorro in trash can-5997


  1. My sister-in-law has a little girl cat that is driving her nuts. She does things like jump on the top of doors, she pulled the paper out of a gift bag at Christmas and climbed inside and went to sleep. So maybe your cat is just doing what cats do. My cat waits until I get all of my papers spread out on my desk and then jumps right in the middle of them. Gives me the look and very calmly lays down on the papers. Then tries to bite me if I try to move him. I’m not quite sure why I keep that darn cat. Anyway, your kitten sure is cute!

  2. Normal? Whazat? I’m pretty sure you done helped the Z-kitty orbit the Crooked Moon Jones, it is contagious to animals and I speak from experience :). Her Bobness orbits it daily! Love the pic of him, he’s looking like a cat instead of a kitty.

    1. Naw, Duncan, I’m going with Indie’s opinion — he’s responding to a moon phase for cats. He has suddenly started looking like a cat. I noticed that when he went up the tree (previous post) yet I can still get my hand around his neck. Well, almost. Maybe I’ll count him as half grown.

  3. My theory is that after reading all that stuff in the bin, the kitten got tired and discovered a cosy place to rest … like Becky says above, lucky you don’t have a bigger bin …

  4. Your kitty is completely normal. But who would put garbage in a snug kitty cave that is perfect for a nap? I guess some human that orbits a crooked moon!

  5. He looks all grown up for sure. I know you have infected that cat with your crazy orbit – heck you do it to me when you visit. I seem to remember once lugging a rock too big to carry out of my backyard for you to take home. You just exude crooked moon mania to everything and everyone in your path. Try lining a box with a towel then he won’t have to dump out your trash to find a bed.

    1. Line a box with a towel so Zorro will have a bed? The cat sleeps wherever and whenever he wants. If I’m to look upon his oddities as you have defined them in your comment, his oddities are already my fault so I’m nixing the box.

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