Post last updated: October 6th, 2018

Look what the Grande Poobah sent me for Christmas!

quilt for me-5960

When I opened the box, there were a number of individually wrapped presents. This was the second gift I opened because it was squishy. I wondered if I had been gifted with the ubiquitous old lady sweater OR — ohmygosh, could it be possible — one of her handcrafted quilts.

You should have heard the squeal when a quilt popped out of the wrapping. It measures 56″ x 57″ with a double edged border of the flower print and the solid red. Every other square has a “yo yo” with a red button in the middle. There are several different styles of red buttons. Here’s a close-up of the button inside the yo yo:

quilt for me close up-5961

The reverse side is a charcoal color with very small white polka dots. The freehand machine stitch you see above is repeated on the charcoal side. Just lovely.

A few of the Grande Poobah’s quilts were previously posted here in February 2013.

Also among the box of goodies was a pair of garden gloves. Do you think they are long enough for the job?

gloves long-5968

12 thoughts on “CHRISTMAS QUILT”

  1. Oh Linda – how lovely! The Poobah really did it good! Awesome colors on the quilt! I’ve never seen gloves like those before – makes sense that they come up high if they are rose pruning gloves. Merry merry to you!

  2. Saw this when you first posted and have been envious since (don’t you go tellin on me and the log in thang Jones, I got it now 🙂 ). I have a thing for quilts and to have one made for ya by someone that loves ya is the best gift evah!

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