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We have a leash law here but a lot of laws are ignored by the citizenry. Two big dogs periodically show up in the yard and promptly leave via a hole in the fence near my Fern Bed. I told Poppie about the busted fence but a lot of what I tell him goes in one ear and out the other.

Last Monday, the dogs caught the two cats – Big Foot and Whiskey – out in the yard a little too far from Poppie’s back porch. They treed Big Foot in one of the cypress trees.

Big Foot
Big Foot

When I came on the scene, Whiskey’s fur was puffed up twice his size as he dared the two dogs to mess with him. I drove down the street, where Poppie was jawing with the Golf Cart Boys, to tell him his cat was in the tree and promptly left the scene. I forget where I had to go.

I later heard that Poppie had to get a ladder to get Big Foot out of the tree. He had a serious case of Bad Dog Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome.  Will I need to shuffle the budget around to pay for cat therapy?

16 thoughts on “DOG-O-PHOBIA”

  1. Poor cats.
    Great picture though.
    Did you leave on purpose? Naw…you would not do that.
    Good thing your Dad did not fall off the ladder. Did anybody help him?
    Recently I have heard from two acquaintances that they climbed a ladder and fell off, thereby seriously hurting themselves.

    Hope both cats will recover real soon. I could just picture both of them in the aftermath.

    1. Oh dear. Meta, you are probably going to think badly of me but I did leave on purpose. I was on my way somewhere and Big Foot was already in the safety of the tree. Whiskey, although puffed up, was not being attacked by the dogs. Considering that he has tormented poor Big Foot for almost 3 years, it was my view that his predicament with the dogs was his own cat karma. I had no idea he was going to have a nervous breakdown over it. Apparently, he can dish it out but he can’t take it. Years ago, I had a source for persimmons until the woman fell from her ladder while doing something to the persimmon tree and killed herself. Poppie seems to be very surefooted on ladders but I am terrified of them.

      1. Okay, so those books I mentioned months ago that I couldn’t publicly spoil the ending…
        1. We Were Liars by E. Lockhart: This was the book that blew me away (at the end, at least). It’s not great writing, but interesting enough to make you stick it out to the end. There was a accident, that’s what we know for sure, and the main character is always referring to her cousins in current conversation, making future plans with them, etc, and constantly wondering where her grandfather’s dogs are. This “accident’ has left the main character with some idea that she’s not remembering everything, she’s just not sure what. By the end of the book, we discover that a) ALL these cousins are actually dead because b) the main character started a fire in the house that ended up engulfing everything and everyone who was mistakenly left inside. The dogs, the cousins…she’s been living in a recovery-fantasyland of trauma and denial, but the ending comes at you so unexpectedly. Very Sixth Sense-ish.

        2. “Winter Break”, the short story I recently read. A man and woman are being driven one night through a rainstorm in the remote English countryside, en route to their quaint bed and breakfast. The taxi driver encounters more than one road block cause my goats with no shepherd (the storm has caused everyone to run amok). The driver hits one, mentions that it was a kid, and the woman grieves for the baby goat as the driver stuffs it into a tarp in his trunk so that it does not cause another accident and also, hey free food! Roadkill, you know? When they reach their B&B, the woman walks around to the back of the car to retrieve her luggage from the driver when she sees, sticking out from the tarp, a human child’s hand. So the kid was actually a child-kid, not a goat-kid. But “human hand” were the very last two words of the story. A shock. BOOM! That’s how it ended.

        I hope that helps. I’ve been meaning to share these with you for awhile (since you seemed interested in them!).
        Stay warm!!!


  2. Oh no BAD DOGS! Please make sure Whiskey doesn’t have internal injuries. Those bad dogs could have done something bad to poor Whiskey. Yes, I know that means an expensive trip to the Vet. Keep us posted.

  3. Sounds like it… I hope he is better soon. I love animals, however, the owners often get my goat (as it were)!! They need to better watch the critters. It is also a safety issue for all involved, including the owners of the wayward children.

  4. I am glad the fence got repaired, but I doubt the cats think it was worth it. I am reminded of a time when a strange cat wandered into our yard and my own dog chased it up a large oak tree. The first branch was 30 feet up. It is a long story, which involves my hubby’s glib assertion, as he left on a business trip, that any cat will eventually figure out how to back down a tree. Well, the cat never did, and my brother literally risked his life to get the cat down NINE DAYS LATER. The one who seemed most relieved other than the cat was my dog, who had become quite distraught at the cat who continually wailed from its perch. The cat’s owner conveniently showed up the next day, and my dog acted completely innocent, wagging her tail and acting buddy-buddy with the cat.

  5. Dahlink, you don’t need a lot of money to be a good pet owner. You are wonderful. It’s the owner of the wayward dogs…

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