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Let me confess. I got a new kitty and even though kitty does no gardening, he must be introduced as the newest resident of Southern Rural Route.

With my cat allergies and vet bills being what they are, a new kitty was not the wisest of acquisitions. But, Poppie took over the care and expense of Big Foot and my other stray, Whiskey, preferred to stay down at Poppie’s to beat up on Big Foot. I went from 2 cats to no cat company at all. You understand.

I decided the solution was another Snowshoe Siamese to replace Bat Cat, who passed to his kitty rewards in 2006. I had secretly been looking for two years but it didn’t work out which is just as well because I didn’t want to hear the wrath of either Momma or Priss.

Zorro was 6 weeks old when I got him on September 6. He is part Persian and part Siamese. I couldn’t see the Persian at all. His fur was very fine and his tummy was all but bald.

I had a hard time naming this kitty. I first started with Tawny but knew that wasn’t a good name because he would be tawny for a year, at most. Names were suggested by friends. Finally, I settled on Zorro because he will have a mask around the eyes just like Bat Cat (named for Bat Man).

Here are a few facts about kitty:

  • Zorro is fearless.
  • Zorro has the attention span of a butterfly.
  • Zorro can beat me into any room by a good 6 feet even if he was behind me when I headed into that room. I am envious of his boundless energy.
  • Zorro insists on eating whatever I am eating, except bananas. He turned his nose up right royally at banana. He likes ice cream and even a pinch of Twix bar. I didn’t think about the caramel in the Twix bar until I noticed him struggling with it. For a frightening moment, it looked like I was going to be on the giving end of a Heimlich.
  • Zorro is incensed when I scoop the contents of his litter box into a plastic grocery bag. He bats at the grocery bag trying to get his poop back. I’m probably scarring the poor kitty for life. If he needs therapy, I can’t afford it. He’ll have to live with poop issues.
  • Zorro agrees with everything I say. This is probably a trick.
  • Zorro moves things around. One of my gardening gloves went missing from the laundry room and I found it under the dining room table.

Zorro has also been responsible for dishing up a little Cat Karma on Whiskey. Zorro takes numerous flying leaps onto Whiskey’s neck or backside. I searched around in my ice-cream lovin’ heart and could find no urges to come to the hollerin’ Whiskey’s aid. It seemed right to allow Whiskey to experience karmic justice for the 19 months he has tormented Big Foot.

And now, without further delay, the kitty photo gallery:

Zorro on September 9<br>at 6 weeks
Zorro on September 9
at 6 weeks


Zorro on September 10
Zorro on September 10


Zorro on September 10
Zorro on September 10


Zorro on September 17at 7 weeks
Zorro on September 17
at 7 weeks


Zorro on September 26 at 9 weeks
Zorro on September 26
at 9 weeks


Zorro takes a break from badgering WhiskeyOctober 1almost 10 weeks
Zorro takes a break from badgering Whiskey
October 1
almost 10 weeks


21 thoughts on “HERE’S ZORRO!”

  1. He’s so precious. I love this cat and he is darkening up. He’s going to be as brown as me in a minute. I’m glad you got him and now if I can just get you to talk to me as sweet as you talk to him and Whiskey I’d be in heaven. Tell Zorro his Aunt Evie welcomes him to the family. He may need to know that everything on your property ends up with a big butt so he may want to watch out for that.

    1. Evie – I’ll warn Zorro about your big butt theory on the Southern Rural Route. That photo of Whiskey and Zorro together kinda does support your theory. I’ll even tell him Aunt Evie welcomes him into the family. But if you hoping I’m EVER gonna talk sweet to you, forget it! It’s too much fun to abuse you and vice versa

  2. Those eyes!! I foresee much mischief from this handsome addition to the family. He must be fearless too – taking on Whiskey @ such an early age. Maybe this will temper your little gray bully. Great pics.

    1. Ha! Whiskey won’t even come in as much anymore because he knows his attacker awaits. Right at this moment, Zorro is running back and forth through the rooms like something with it’s head chopped off.

    2. Ha! Whiskey won’t even come in as much anymore because he knows his attacker awaits. Right at this moment, Zorro is running back and forth through the rooms like something with it’s head chopped off.

  3. He’s a doll. Does he stay inside or does he go in and out. My cat Bundy, known as Mr. Fussy Butt, has to be escorted to his food bowl every morning. He also tries his best to set on my keyboard when I want to use it. Bless his ever loving fussy butt heart, he marches me around in my own house!! I bet you let Zorro do wicked things, too. Darn, I was very disappointed to learn that you don’t dance nekkid in the moonlight like Becky. You messed up my day with that one.

    1. Betty, Betty, Betty. I don’t mind dancing in the moonlight to the Crooked Moon but do we have to do it NEKKID? Mr. Fussy Butt – great name. One of Dad’s cats — I think it was Mimi — had to be escorted to the food bowl. Zorro has no respect for keyboards, either, and it’s maddening!

  4. Zero is adorable, though he has a devious look. I don’t think you should trust him. I am not surprised about his appetite for human food. I thought cats only ate wild animals and cat food, until our cat Autumn wanted to share my bag of popcorn! it seems that dear hubby had been surreptitiously feeding her popcorn and thus corrupting her appetites.

    1. ZERO? Who would name a kitty Zero? It’s ZORRO!!! I kinda thought he had sad eyes. Perhaps I misinterpreted because he IS devious. He needs a bath because he’s been borrowing fleas from Whiskey. It’s on my list for today…

  5. Oops! I thought Zero was an odd name, too! But my eyesight is rather poor, and once I read the name as Zero, my brain did not have the power to convert it to the proper spelling. I hope Zorro grows up to be brave and strong, and perhaps he will only be devious to the bad guys.

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