Post last updated: October 10th, 2018

This is news you can use. I’ve been under the care of a chiropractor for the last 16 months because of a car accident in 2011 that messed up my spine. I found, over time, that his treatments allowed me to work in the garden with less pain and grimacing.

At my most recent treatment, I happened to mention that I had poison ivy. Or, at least, that was my best guess. I don’t actually know what I got into, just that it happened about two months ago.

“I’ve got just the thing for you,” he said. “Biofreeze will knock it right out. My wife got into poison ivy last summer and tried the Biofreeze. Our neighbor also got into it and we gave him the Biofreeze. He came back for more!” (paraphrased)

The doc gave me 6 sample packets. According to the information card, Biofreeze is a cooling gel often used for relief from arthritis, sore muscles and joints, and back pain. I can’t believe the doc held out on me all this time! He waits until I have poison ivy to spill the goods!

I was already on oral and cream steroids so there was no point in my trying the Biofreeze but I am sharing this information for others to try. Evie says Biofreeze also stops the itch of mosquito bites.

I found it on Amazon and Ebay but if you wish to ‘buy local’ check their website: biofreeze.com/wheretobuy.

21 thoughts on “POISON IVY”

  1. Wow! My doctor who has been treating my foot neuropathy and gave me a roll-on bottle of Biofreeze which really helps my foot pain tremendously. Didn’t know it would help with poison ivy. I’ll tell him the next time I go. Glad you found something to help you.


    1. Pat – Evie said you can get it at gyms and places like GNC. She also said that green rubbing alcohol is also good for itching. That little heifer has been holding out on me all these years not telling me about these things. Who ever heard of green rubbing alcohol. Not me!

  2. That is great to know for poison ivy & oak. I for years have used deodorite for insect bites. Works almost instantly.

  3. Thanks for sharing, Linda. To my knowledge we don’t have poison ivy here, but we certainly have mosquitoes and arthritis! Sorry to hear about the car accident, it sounds like it has been a rough journey.

    1. Cat Mint – you are fortunate to not have poison ivy, poison sumac and the other one we have. The injuries from the car accident will be with me forevermore. I had to stand for 2 hours at the garden swap and the pain was excruciating for days. It eased up some on Wednesday.

    1. Well spill the beans, Indie. What were your parents using the Biofreeze for? I finally started using it because I can’t get the last of the crusty skin to heal up and the $78 cream wasn’t doing the job. The Biofreeze is amazing.

  4. I have been suffering with poison Ivy for over a week now. I have already run through the oral steroid course and have been using the topical steroid as well. The rash just has not gone away yet. We happen to have bio freeze in our office medicine chest… Anytime I get out in the heat, living in Houston that is anytime you go outside in the summer its hot, and my poison ivy rash gets enflamed. I just put some bio freeze on it and I am amazed with the result. It stung a bit at first on the more open parts of the rash but then almost immediately cooled and soothed it! Thanks so much for your post!

    1. Hi Daisy – I’m glad the Bio Freeze helped! I went through the oral steroid, the topical cream and it was 9 months to a year before the itching stopped. I guess I had to wear off the old skin and grow all new skin. It was awful, I can tell you that. We suffer the same summers you do. I am straight across from you just 30 miles from the Atlantic Ocean and I lived in Houston for 8 years so I KNOW the misery you are suffering right now.

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