12 thoughts on “WHISKEY SLEEPS”

  1. I, too, was looking forward to sleeping late, but my cat, Bundy, decided I needed to get up. Now, I have a doggie door that cat go out, but no, he knew it was a holiday and wanted to mess it up for me.

  2. I love this dude. He’s probably turned that tummy topside trying to cool off like the rest of us. I notice Mom very thoughtfully gave him a toy to lull him into slumber.

    1. The ratfink won’t even play with that $3.00 toy so I took it down to Poppie’s house for the other cat. They both like a brown “elephant” or “ant eater” with a pink feather around it’s neck. It has lots of catnip in it until they beat it to death. Seems like it would be cheaper to grow my own catnip, dry it and sew it up in muslin for them. Nobody has to lull him into sleep. He sleeps better than I do. 🙁

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