Post last updated: October 10th, 2018

I am not a fan of morning glory vines because they are invasive. I took this photo in early June of last year when I was visiting Lam. Today I dropped by to leave something for her and she happened to be there. We went around back and I saw this morning glory vine again. It had completely obliterated one side of the wooden fence. If anyone knows the name of this morning glory, jump in with a comment.


14 thoughts on “MORNING GLORY”

  1. I can NOT grow morning glories. I’ve tried and they never work. It must be in my contract some where.
    Section 3654 part 35 div. x… can dance but Not grow morning glories.
    Maybe it is because I’m not a morning person…

  2. Okay don’t send hate mail – but I love them and I would let them grow everywhere – if Mr. Cottage didn’t feel the way you do. Sigh. I’ll settle for looking at your awesome photo – beautiful.

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