Post last updated: October 10th, 2018

Even in death, what beauty to behold. I found this Luna Moth lying out in the grass today with much of its color leached out. Notice the brown margins at the top of the wings and the two “eyes” curling just below it, the two round circles in the lower wings and the delicate line covering the sides of all four wings. It almost looks like a delicate Chinese painting. My photo does not do it justice in terms of the detail you can see with the naked eye.

Luna Moth-2537

16 thoughts on “EVEN IN DEATH…”

  1. When I die you better have something to say at my funeral or ima come back and get you.so beautiful love you .

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  2. I saw a Luna Moth the other night while I was driving. It was playing (or confused by) the headlights of my suv. Luckily, I was going slowly, turning onto another road, and didn’t hit it. I hadn’t seen one in AGES!

    1. Marla – Research I did claims that we seldom see them because they fly at night in spring and early summer. Considering the temps down here, the poor thing probably died of heat stroke. I still can’t get over how much it looked like a painting.

  3. Every time Melissa (my daughter) lost a tooth, we would see one. She was sure that was how the tooth fairy came! I even saw one emerge from its cocoon! I told you my yard is magic. Being a gypsy and all…

    1. WOW, BeckyB, seeing a luna moth emerge from its cocoon is too cool. All those flags hanging on your soap-selling tent really brings out the gypsy in you. I love those flags! I used up all of your cherry cobbler soap. It was such a treat to use. Much better for my skin because of all that oil in it.

      1. You completely missed the importance of BB’s comment – a moth would appear every time her daughter lost a tooth – a magical mystery. Anyway, your moth was pretty.

        1. Well, sister dear, I didn’t actually miss it. I just didn’t comment on it because magic is a big part of the gypsy life. BeckyB thinks of herself as a gypsy and while I find that most entertaining, I was more blown away, on this particular occasion, to learn that she had seen a luna moth emerge from its cocoon when so few of us ever see luna moths.

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