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I think we should add a new word to the English lexicon that would combine the words cat and crap. Twitter users would then have a hashtag — #ohcrat — for stories about their beloved cats.

One of my cats lives permanently with Poppie because my other cat, Whiskey, is a bully. I bear all the expenses of cat ownership but visit with Big Foot only when I cook dinner for Poppie. Thus, I am down to one cat who will come inside at night and sleep with me. I like the comfort of a furry animal who takes over most of the bed.

Whiskey - furry animal comfort
Whiskey – furry animal comfort

There are downsides to furry animal comfort. It is not bestowed nightly, due to roaming, and comes with a hefty fee, thanks to Poppie’s habit of feeding the cats a “red eye” special. In other words, on the nights Whiskey deigns to sleep inside, his habit of catching the red eye special does not change. It simply does not matter to him that I am NOT a morning person. Such a shortcoming on my part garners no empathy. His non-roaming fee must be paid. At 4:30 a.m.

For me, 4:30 a.m. is prime sleeping time. The thriller novel finally set aside, the 2 a.m. bathroom call satisfied, you get the picture. Whiskey has to really work at waking me at 4:30. If meowing, walking on me, hair pulling and face sniffing do not raise me from my slumbers, he starts throwing things off the night table. A tube of lotion, an ink pen, a pencil. In final desperation, he pulls out all the stops. Hearing the glass water bottle slide off the night table and crash to the carpet ALWAYS transforms me into a morning person mentally hollering “Oh crat!”

20 thoughts on “OH CRAT!”

  1. I think I have his little female cousin, Lucy – pics forthcoming. She is relentless when she decides it’s time to get up. He’s a very handsome dude.

    1. Ann – It’s entirely possible that Lucy and Whiskey are cousins. I have no idea WHERE Whiskey came from. He just showed up one day. I had already taken on Big Foot and didn’t want two cats so I tried to pray him away. When that didn’t work, I accepted God’s gift. Now, I kinda wish God would find me another blue-eyed Snowshoe Siamese. I’m figuring that since I was SO UNGRATEFUL for his gift of Whiskey, He’s turning a deaf ear to my request.

    1. Farmpest – I must guiltily admit that I have done that. Every time he sleeps in with me, Poppie asks if I’ve fed him or not. Why he asks is a mystery to me because a cat will let you know if food is the current subject. One of Country Boy’s cats eats at my house at least three days a week. If I open the door, he’s right there talking about chow. Most of the time, he’s the only cat I feed.

    1. Blonde – I leave dry food out but he finishes that off during the night and wants his morning “wet” food. It’s all Poppie’s fault! Back in the days when I fed them breakfast, they didn’t get it until 8:30 or so.

  2. I would not put up with such crat! I have trained my animals not to bother me until I get out of bed. Although my cat does start meowing once the alarm goes off. I have yet to train the cat how the snooze alarm works. However, the dog understands. The dog stays in her bed until I get up.

  3. I had to laugh. Your cat is spoiled, and of course ours is not. Our cat does not sleep in the house proper, but stays in the upstairs apartment that once housed a teenage son. She also has taken over my husband’s office. Her favorite place to sleep is his chair.

    1. Deb – I have the same problem with Whiskey. If I leave my computer chair, by the time I get back, he’s in it. It has been very hot and humid this summer and both cats have almost become indoor cats — Whiskey at my house and Big Foot down at Poppie’s house.

  4. That is one spoilt Crat, Jones. Her Bobness knows better than to mess with my sleeping habits….though mine are much like Poppie’s! Gimme that early morning!

  5. I love that cat. He has personality. Look at the way he is looking at you from under his cover. He is a beautiful crat.

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