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I’ve been wondering if those weeds in my veggie patch could break into my house and take over. It seems a grim possibility given my level of laziness. I am seriously unmotivated to do anything but read thrillers and eat watermelon. Shameful.

I did finally get outside to harvest my potatoes before the vines completely rotted away, leaving me no clue where to dig.

Since my Uncle introduced us to Yukon Gold potatoes, I no longer eat white potatoes. My gold seed potatoes from Wal-Mart were planted late, due to rain, and mostly ignored. Still, they grew and then bloomed.

Gold potato blooms-2452
Potato blooms – June 11, 2014

The yield was not what I would have expected — it filled less than half of this 1.5 or 2 gallon nursery pot after I chunked the bad ones. The weather has been a dicey affair for the second spring in a row. Too much rain!

gold potato harvest
gold potato harvest – July 18, 2014

Having just admitted to a prolonged state of laziness, I did not want you to see my potatoes with dirt on them. I knew to allow the dirt to dry and fall off naturally while the potatoes were “curing.”  Just because I knew this didn’t mean you knew it and I could hear your gasps through the computer screen. “Why, she didn’t even wash her potatoes!”

It takes two weeks to cure potatoes — allowing minor cuts and bruises to heal and the skin to thicken. Rather than have you horrified that I was too lazy to wash my taters, I got out there and tried to scrub the dirt off with my hands. You can see the results in the lower front of the photo – I broke the skin on a few!

Despite the small harvest, I’m always happy to pull anything from my little patch of dirt. It’s an accomplishment, like winning one for the home team.

Useful tidbit: according to some educational facility way out west, sugary potatoes can be restored to their natural flavor by removing them from the ‘fridge and leaving them at room temperature for several days prior to use.

16 thoughts on “GOLD POTATO HARVEST”

  1. Your gold potato yield was still better than mine. I experimented with those and the trendy new “All Blue” variety. The blue ones gave more edible tubers but despite their taste being normal it’s hard to make my eyes believe I’m eating a potato. Even the blue ones didn’t give me enough to make many meals. Still they were far better than the standard or even dwarf sweet potato types that take over the whole garden just to give me a handful of tater that taste like wine corks.

    1. Wine corks, huh? Now that’s a bad taste. Were you trying to grow potatoes from the grocery store? They say not to do that because they’ve been sprayed with a suppressant to keep them from sprouting eyes. They say to buy certified seed potatoes. I’ll admit I don’t do that. I buy the ones that come in at Wal-Mart (not certified).

  2. The flowers on the potatoes are quite pretty actually. Even if the harvest was small, you got a couple of good meals out of them.
    I saw in one of your previous posts that you got about 40 pounds out of your potato patch at that time.
    Did that much rain affect your harvest this year?
    A man in my town here said that he always plants his potatoes on Valentine’s Day, Don’t know how much of a harvest he got this year.

    1. Meta – I’ve heard about that Valentine’s Day date and mine got planted MUCH, MUCH later than that. I’m thinking April or May but I’d have to check my calendar. I knew I wouldn’t get a great crop because of the late planting. They also got uneven watering. I kinda ignored them… I am always grateful to God for rain but we sorta had an over-abundance this year. I would guess that I got 5 or 6 pounds this year.

  3. Once again, you have filled my head with all sorts of good info! I always harvest and eat…I think your garden is wonderful and you get a blue ribbon in my book!!!

    1. Of course, YOU would have understood the dirty potatoes but some of my people won’t even TOUCH dirt let alone try to grow anything in it. I’m glad you approve of my summer reading/eating plan. I’m on the third book that finishes up a “trilogy” of sorts and then I’m putting away the books and watermelon in favor of getting some stuff done.

  4. It happens to the best of us, dahlink… I think they made a movie about it, If you build it, they will come.
    I yanked the weeds! (from your last post)

  5. I have to say that I don’t eat enough potatoes to ever consider trying to grow them, but now I know to let them cure if I should ever get a wild hair. I doubt I will get a wild potato hair or any more garden hairs at all. As you know, I don’t have much of a garden, and I think that God is telling me that gardening is not my plan. Last year it was too hot and dry to get much of a yield on my tomatoes and squash. This year, it has been too rainy and cool to yield anything. My harvest this year totals two grape tomatoes and one yellow pear tomato.

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