Post last updated: October 10th, 2018

When my friend, Evie, read about my naked cantaloupes, she was reminded of some volunteer cantaloupes of her own. Of course, I knew the story of her “trash cantaloupes” but most of my memory is stored in a colander with large holes.

Two years ago, she rinsed out her trash can in the grass next to the driveway and up sprouted some cantaloupes. She wouldn’t eat them because the seeds came out of the trash can so the cantaloupes were passed on to unsuspecting beneficiaries. A few pics showing that her trash can cantaloupes were a very different variety than my compost cantaloupes:

Photo credit: Evie
Photo credit: Evie
Photo credit: Evie
Photo credit: Evie


14 thoughts on “MORE CANTALOUPES”

  1. I would be so excited to have anything grow in my garden whether from a garbage can seed or a bird bomb. How do you know that the seeds you buy in the tiny packages aren’t harvested from rotten cantaloupes? When I grow up, I want to be a cantaloupe seed inspector.

    1. LOL. Lulu and I were discussing just today that we’ve been friends for 20-something years. I suppose her comment proves that lunacy doesn’t just run in families; it runs in friendships, too.

  2. I was stumped by the strange “weed” growing, then my “mother senses” kicked in… I figured it out.

    1. Charlie – I never know what is going to show up in my comments but they are often more educational than my post. Most valuable tip I received this year was to deadhead my daylilies. As a result, it is mid-July and I STILL have daylilies blooming. Last year I didn’t.

  3. hi Linda, you keep your memories in the same place as me – lol! Both melons look wonderful, these ones look like the green ones I’m familiar with, and the other ones look like the orange ones.

  4. This year we ended up with a volunteer pumpkin, right in the middle of our onion crop! It is not naked, like your cantaloupes, but it is white! Do pumpkins color up as they mature, or do i have a ghost pumpkin?

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