Post last updated: October 10th, 2018

What a surprise I had this morning when I walked out into the garden. Two of the three daylilies I bought this spring were blooming for the first time.

This is the view I had of the first one as I came up behind it. Almost took my breath away.

Brace Yourself side viewRyder Daylilies (Facebook)
Brace Yourself side view – 5.5 inch bloom
Ryder Country Daylilies (Facebook)
Brace Yourself front viewRyder Daylilies (Facebook)
Brace Yourself front view
Ryder Country Daylilies (Facebook)
Daylily Heavenly Angel Ice-2475
Heavenly Angel Ice – 8 inch bloom
Ryder Country Daylilies (Facebook)


18 thoughts on “JULY FOURTH SURPRISE”

  1. Absolutely gorgeous. That was a nice surprise to start the day off with.
    That is what keeps us gardeners going.

  2. So pretty. I still haven’t bought any. Gotta do that. Do you plant yours all together in one bed or here and there? I like these colors and the curly look.

  3. Beautiful! You have to love a plant called Heavenly Angel Ice, especially this far south! I am determined to add a variety of day lilies to the common ditch lilies I now have.

  4. Two weeks later I keep returning to this post. Brace Yourself is a stunning daylily and I am interested in purchasing one. Did you buy it from Ryder? I live in Orlando, so I think it would do well here too. Love the blog – very refreshing!

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