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Cucumber Chinese Yellow-2468

Found these in the garden this morning. I was able to recognize these as Chinese Yellow Cucumber from Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds. Most of what is in the garden this year is a mystery but I’m not really up to explaining the mystery. It would require an admission of the depth to which my stupidity plummeted.

Baker Creek seems to think these will grow to 10 inches. At four inches, the seeds were already too large for my preference. I’m not really into gnawing through tough seeds. They are supposed to be yellow-orange and “crisp as an apple” with a mild flavor. To me, they tasted like an ordinary cucumber.

The seed packet says these cukes are from mainland China and green when young. Obviously, I didn’t see them green.  This 2014 veggie garden will be my second spring garden that was nothing to brag about.



  1. Hmm very interesting. Do they have a different taste? I don’t like big seeds either. It is fun to grown new things though. There is always the next season to look forward to and isn’t that always fun.

    1. No, Kimmie, they taste like an ordinary cucumber but maybe crispy/crunchier than those miserable things you find in the grocery store. I think I’ll have to find someone to pass these seeds on to so that I can stick to my long, burpless cucumbers I like so well. They are supposedly very prolific.

  2. I say, “your garden, your bragging rights”! I know the mystery…my lips are sealed. Perhaps the Chinese like the big seeds to munch on…sort of like pumpkin seeds just different! I am very proud of your garden. I think it is wonderful!!

  3. One thing you might try is slicing the cucumbers and infusing them in water. Makes a very refreshing drink and I make it by the gallon! Also, I’ve heard cucumbers were a natural wormer for chickens so if you know someone with chickens, they might be interested. Baker Creek does have some funky and fun seeds, though.

  4. Was there enough flesh left after you cut out the seeds? I almost always take the seeds from my cukes. Just scoop them out with a spoon or cut a “V” shape and take them that way. Then cut the rest into bite sized pieces. I love cucumbers but we did not have much luck last year. Decided to not do any more gardening. We just don’t have the oomph that we used to.

    Terry’s doing a good job tiling the front walkway this week. We had some slate left from our bathroom and he got some more pieces and is putting that down. Will post a photo.

    Hope you are doing well. I always enjoy your blog!

    1. Yes, there was enough flesh of the cucumber but I’ve never been one to cut the seeds out if they were small enough. The only cukes I REALLY like are the long, burpless cukes. They get long rather than wide so the seeds are always small. Now that’s an oxymoron — not enough oomph to garden but plenty of oomph to tile the front entryway with slate. I tried to post the photo from Facebook here but I needed an http source which I didn’t have. Thanks for checking in, seems like it’s been a long time.

  5. Do you think they might possibly be Miniature White Cucumbers from Baker Creek? A few of mine hiding behind leaves matured to this beautiful rusty yellow color (instead of white) and were perfect for harvesting huge seeds.

    1. Now Jowers, why’d you have to go and mess with me like this? My sanity is always in question and you sent me scurrying to my seed stash to see if I had pulled the wrong cucumber packet from Baker Creek. I knew that I had a very miniature cuke that I’d had trouble growing for two years in a row. I am relieved to report that I do not have any white cucumbers in my stash and all is well with my sanity.

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