Post last updated: October 10th, 2018

Rain Lily (Zephyranthes) bud
Rain Lily (Zephyranthes) bud
Rain Lily blooms after a rain<br>Has strappy leaves
Rain Lily blooms after a rain
Note the strappy leaves
Brown seed pod ready for harvest
Brown seed pod ready for harvest
rain lily deep pink-2461
This pinker variety was given to me by Lam
Pencil thin leaves; seems to be sterile


  1. I love Rain Lilies too, Linda. They are such a pretty sight. I only have the pale pink variety. I did not know it came in a different shade as well.

    1. Meta – I didn’t, either, until Lam gave me a handful of bulbs with pencil-thin leaves. She says there is also a yellow one, but she’s not sure if she included it in my bunch. She has an interesting yard I always like to look at when I visit.

  2. I just added some copper rain lilies to my garden this year. They are blooming now! But, I had no idea they would make seeds! Yippee! Maybe one day I’ll have a big clump like yours!

  3. I really hate to comment — I’m so jealous. What a beautiful flower garden you have. You probably could make a stone grow blooms. As I’ve told you before, I can kill philodendron and that stuff is supposed to be indestructible. So I really enjoy seeing your pictures.

    1. Oh Pat, you are so funny. Me making a rock grow blooms! I have rock envy so bad I probably do hover over my small collection whispering sweet nothings to them. Many thanks for the compliment BUT I spend almost as much time researching the plants I want to grow as I do actually working with them. In other words, I try not to leave too much to chance considering my ability to write “stoopit” over everything I do.

  4. Rain lilies are such a delight. Just when you think nothing is happening in the garden, they pop out to prove you wrong! The color is so pretty. Love them, very old fashioned!

    1. Now BeckyB, didn’t you say you were an old-fashioned gal? I like all the old-fashioned plants. Went by Lowes today to check the nearly-dead table and ran screaming to find an employee to water that poor rainbow fern they had in the boiling sun. AFTER I moved it to a lower shelf for shade, of course. Then I proceeded to tell them everything I knew about rainbow ferns in hopes they wouldn’t KILL the poor thing. At $5 it was over-priced considering they had already dang near killed it. Anyway, I saw a “new” plant. An echinbeckia. I came home and looked it up on the web but it does not seem to exist. It’s got to be a cross between an echinacea and a rudbeckia but it was more rudbeckia than echinacea which has much prettier leaves.

      1. Oh my what a gift! I promised you seeds last year I never sent, but then I saw you had them blooming in your garden this year, so I figured you got them somewhere. Sorry about that.

  5. Very interesting, re: the echinbeckia…. I do hope you were wearing your flamingo hat and a cape as you crusaded through the garden center saving the less fortunate!!!

    1. BeckyB – I don’t have the courage to wear my flamingo hat unless my Fine Feathered Friends of Flamingoes are with me. However, I can WAIL loudly when they are trying to kill something as pretty as a rainbow fern.

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