Post last updated: October 10th, 2018

Last year, when I shared my new daylily purchases with you, I mentioned in Garden Tips — Daylilies that two of them did not bloom. This year they did:

Aegean Temple (Valley of the Daylilies)
Aegean Temple – 6.5 inch bloom
Daylilies of the Valley
Strawberry Candy (Ryder Country Daylilies)
Strawberry Candy – 4.25 inch bloom
Ryder Country Daylilies

I found both Ryder Country Daylilies and Daylilies of the Valley through Facebook and was very happy with the quality of the daylilies I received from them.

I shared this one last year, too, but I took another photo of it today for a photo postcard:

Becky Lynn Daylily
Becky Lynn Daylily – 6.75 inch bloom
Ryder Daylilies



20 thoughts on “BLOOMING TODAY”

  1. Just beautiful. Are you deadheading them ASAP after the bloom folds up? They will keep blooming but then I know you already knew that. I must buy some.

    1. No, I didn’t know that. No one ever told me. I was leaving them on to see if they would make seeds like my Stella D’Oro. Forget that! Those flowers are coming off now. Thanks for the tip.

      1. I don’t worry about deadheading mine. They will fall off on their own. Mine don’t make seeds and they are all re-bloomers.
        Mind you, it will look prettier without the closed up blooms, but I have too many weeds to worry about anyway.

  2. Beautiful! I love that Becky Lynn – I want to get a pink-blooming daylily at some point. I haven’t really grown day lilies before, but I’m got several now that people have given me (free plants are the best!) I’m very excited to see them in bloom.

    1. Ya’ll are welcome for the dead heading tip. I was told many years ago by my irrigation guy whose Mom grew them on the Garden Club grounds in Gainesville, FL. It fools the plant and really works same as with most plants.

    1. Smokeys Daylilies has “sales” where you can get 10 for a $1.00 but I haven’t been particularly happy with my purchases from them. They tend to be very small daylilies with small blooms and I want something showier. That’s why I turned to Facebook. You need to come out here and see the SIZE of these daylilies I got last year via Facebook and, of course, they have multiplied.
      P.S. Most of what I purchased through Facebook daylily vendors were 2 fans for $8 or $10. Shipping is not pretty but that’s a given.

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