Post last updated: October 10th, 2018

Chinese Wisteria, wisteria sinensis, had very obviously “escaped cultivation” in Atlanta. It was blooming beautifully and roping its way through the tree tops everywhere you looked. Tarzan would have loved it!


10 thoughts on “WISTERIA”

  1. I love this stuff – when I don’t think about how invasive it is. I pulled a fast one on Mr. Cottage, only he doesn’t know it yet. We spent years removing wisteria here at the cottage – it was in all the wrong places killing all the wrong things. I bought a new – slow growing american version, supposedly non-invasive. I’ve put it in a large container. I’m sure you will hear him yelling all the way down at your place when he finds out. Meanwhile, I love your photo.

  2. I used to live in a home that my neighbor’s wisteria truly took over my back yard. The more you cut it back, the more shoots it sends out. It became a nightmare. I often wonder what has happened in that yard.

  3. Hate that stuff!
    It’s far worse than kudzu… Anyone that’s tried to get their yard back… knows that stuff does NOT die. Those roots go as far down as a well driller’s auger… They can not be dug out.
    Kudzu, on the other hand… is fairly easy to kill.
    Not sure why it’s kudzu with the bad rep… when wisteria is so much worse…

    I agree with Jackie (erjackevie) you should take some pics of strangled trees… That have had the tops torn from them…. And then lectured everyone on the evils of this invasive.

    I had a pic I woulda shared, but I lost the camera card… fell out of my pocket…

    1. Stone – that’s the thing about those camera cards — small enough to lose or misplace. I’ve got a jump drive so small I could wear it as an earring. I’m with you on the horrors of wisteria. It was very clear that Atlanta had a P.R.O.B.L.E.M. with it growing in so many tree tops. Nevertheless, I took the one close-up photo because the stuff IS beautiful when in bloom. I did not know until Linda U. mentioned it — the more you cut on it, the more it sends out new shoots. Now THAT is a determined plant. I’m on a cheap seed buying “list” and the first thing I do when something catches my eye is to check the web to see if it’s invasive. After Mexican Petunia got loose on our place, not to mention Florida Betony and Dollarweed, invasives are not something I want.

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