Post last updated: December 2nd, 2018

I thought I’d show you a few photographs I took today at the Mandarin Garden Club plant sale.

MGC plants 1-2309

MGC plants 2-2310

MGC plants 3-2312

MGC goodies-2311

MGC vendors - soap and jewelry-2313
Vendor – Becky B. and her handmade soaps
Linda Cunningham and herbs
Vendor – Linda Cunningham and herbs
Vendor - North Florida Bonsai Club
Vendor – North Florida Bonsai Club
a bonsai azalea
a bonsai azalea

Other vendors were there, too — a sketch artist, glass ornaments, jewelry, some really cute garden aprons, barbecue, and others.

out in the garden mailbox and butterfly house
out in the garden
mailbox and butterfly house

Hang on to yer britches! I’ve got some garden info on this purty pink thang known as a Supertunia. I was excited to hear what Susan W. of the Mandarin Garden Club told me about this plant because I bought some petunias for the very first time this year. Petunias have a reputation of not being long lasting in Florida so I never bought them until I found 5 of them on Lowes’ Down-and-Out-but-Not-Quite-Dead table for a buck each. I can do a lot of justifying for a buck. Supertunia’s are propagated by cuttings, not seeds. She bought this one in a one gallon pot in October and brought it to the garden. It survived the entire winter, even when we had temps in the low 30’s.  And that is what I wanted to hear. I had read in the forums of Dave’s Garden that the “Wave” petunia is the best for Florida (two of my dollar ‘tunias were this variety). This Supertunia apparently is, too, having lasted 7 months at Mandarin Garden Club. According to Susan, it spread from that one gallon pot to this humongous thing you see here. I think, but I’m not certain that it was in a container.

pink supertunia
pink supertunia

The pink Supertunia was the most striking thing in the garden because it’s early yet and a lot of their plants haven’t taken off. Except their potatoes — a huge crop standing up straight and proud. It’s a good time of year, however, to see the brick layout design of their butterfly garden.

Here’s my haul from the sale – two coleus, one white shrimp plant, one Dittany of Crete herb (I loved the one I saw in Linda Cunningham’s personal collection of herbs), one fox tail fern (just because I think they’re creepy), and a red Russellia (a kind of ground cover that spreads but not in an invasive manner). The iris was a gift from one of my pals at the Mandarin Garden Club.

my haul from the sale
my haul from the sale



  1. Very interesting post Linda. I did not know that about the supertunias. I will have to look for them. They are propagated by cuttings?
    I am not lucky at all with the petunia seeds, so I will definitely try out the cuttings.

  2. OOOHHHH, Honey!! I sure enjoyed seeing you at the fest! You got away from me, though. Wanted to chit chat. You know how I am. What a fun day! The weather was just right and I sold some soap. A few more clean souls walking amongst us! My motto: Cleaning up the world one person at a time”. Anyway, I do hope ya’ll who did not make the sale will still come visit the gardens…they are beautiful!

    1. Now Miss Becky! I did not get away from you. I merely turned you over to your customers and went on down the row to see Linda Cunningham. I’m so glad you are cleaning up the world one person at a time. Somebody needs to do it. If only tattoos would wash off – such ugly things.

  3. These kind of garden club plant sales are always os much fun! Thanks for the info on the supertunia. That may be just what I need for my patio pots this summer. Also, I really like that bonsai azalea!

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