Post last updated: October 10th, 2018

Continuing with my show and tell from the Atlanta Botanical Garden and Callaway Gardens, I offer you a number of photos.  They grow rhododendrons rather than azaleas.

Rhododendron 'Stonewall Jackson'
Rhododendron ‘Stonewall Jackson’
native azalea red-2193
pink rhododendron
pink rhododendron
I think of this as a native azalea but I think it was tagged as a rhododendron
I think of this as a native azalea
I think it was tagged as a rhododendron
see the difference in the bloom structure?
see the difference in the bloom structure?
white dogwood tree at the Cascades  Atlanta Botanical Garden
white dogwood tree at the Cascades
Atlanta Botanical Garden
same tree close up
same tree close up
white dogwood bloom
white dogwood bloom
pink dogwood
pink dogwood Callaway Gardens


pink dogwood - Atlanta
pink dogwood – Atlanta
pink dogwood in shade
pink dogwood in shade
darker pink dogwood in sun
darker pink dogwood in sun





18 thoughts on “AZALEAS AND DOGWOODS”

  1. Beautiful!! You should write a book with all your photos included…I’d buy it!! Hope to see you Saturday at the MGC!!!!!

  2. Calloway gardens is awesome! I’ve never been when all their azaleas are in bloom, but it is supposed to be spectacular. Did you get to see their bird show?

    I always get azaleas and rhododendron confused, since Rhododendron is also the latin name for azalea (so even though it was tagged rhododendron, you are right that it was likely an azalea! So confusing!) The picture of the Cascades is gorgeous. I love dogwoods!

    1. I have to agree Calloway is awesome. They did have a bird show on predators but we didn’t go. I think it would be fun to rent a cabin and spend several days there because you can rent bikes. Maybe canoes, too — dunno. Lots of walking trails we didn’t have time to do (and my back wouldn’t allow me to do) and there’s a zipline for the kids. Plus you’d be among all that beauty for days on end. I love dogwoods, too, and we don’t have pink ones down here in North Florida. Let’s put it this way — I’ve never seen one.

  3. Certainly the highlight of a southern spring is our azaleas and dogwoods! I love the native azaleas. I am trying to increase their numbers in my own garden, as they are so wonderfully fragrant.

  4. The dogwoods here have turned green, but the azaleas are still giving quite a show. Two of my azaleas that were not in bloom when you were here are now blooming. I have 6 different azaleas in bloom right now. I can see four of them from my bedroom window. We will probably lose most of the blooms this week because we are expecting strong storms.

    1. Priss – Ditto for those storms. Coming our way Wednesday night. Can’t get over how it stays cool much longer up there. Our azaleas, dogwoods, redbuds are LONG gone. Our summer flowers are starting to show up. My shasta daisies are blooming and it won’t be long before the purple coneflowers bloom. The next time you go to the plant nursery, I want you to look for something called Wishbone. I just love it as a filler flower and you could plant a bunch of them right where your purple pansies are. Search my blog. I think I took a photo of them last year because I was so taken with them.

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