Post last updated: October 10th, 2018

You will recall from my earlier post, What Is THAT?, it was my opinion that Red Russian Kale was a vegetable belonging to the Most Beautiful family of veggies. The Atlanta Botanical Garden is apparently in agreement with me. Here, they interplanted purple tulips with Red Russian Kale and somewhere else they had interplanted it with a white blooming plant.

tulip and red russian kale-2236


tulips red and yellow-2239

These next two photographs could be made into postcards. Hmmm, I probably should do a post on how to make postcards from your photos. It’s a cinch for rubberstampers and scrapbookers because they have all the supplies.

tulip red and white -2225

tulips and chihuly-2233


tulip pink-2219

This last tulip was a double of some sort. What? You want the name? Are you kidding me? I’m doing good to photograph just about everything in the park. I don’t always have time to get names. And it’s not like the Atlanta Botanical Gardens help you. A lot of their plants are not marked and, it is my understanding that the little rug rat visitors make off with the markers, their parents oblivious.


tulip pink and white double-2223


  1. You are amazing with that camera. The pictures are beautiful. I am sooooo jealous you got to see this live and in person while I must drool on the computer desk.

    1. Lulu – I must confess, I really enjoyed seeing both the Atlanta Botanical Gardens and Callaway Gardens in one weekend. However, I paid for it. My busted up back had me grimacing until Friday. Miss Priss’ husband is quite the grill expert, too. With him cooking, we ate very well – steak, salmon steak, pork loin. I’m showing ya’ll the flowers but I still think about the food…

  2. Pretend you are a rug rat or something… I believe the big, beautiful, blue sculpture looks like Chihuly. I could be wrong. As usual, your photos are a feast for the eyes! Job well done!!! Happy Easter.

    1. Rug rats are adorable as long as there are 50 feet between me and them unless I’m trying to photograph them. You are right about the Chihuly glass. I think they kept 3 of his pieces after the Chihuly show was over. Someone donated one of them.

    1. Oh my gosh! That’s exactly what happened to me and I didn’t even make the connection. I came home and spent a lot of money (for my budget) on plants Thursday then went to the bank today to get more $$$ and spent another $12.50. Plus, I planted a LOT of seeds one day this week, too.

  3. I like other people’s tulips. I hate watching those leaves and stems die back and heaven forbid if you snipped them off before you are supposed to. I only have one tulip left…a very brave little flower. His/her time is limited because I will snip off the stem and leaves when the bloom disappears. Can you tell I’m not a gardener?

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