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Poppie and I headed to Atlanta to see Miss Priss and her husband, arriving on Thursday, April 10. The next day we made another trip to the Atlanta Botanical Gardens to revel in the blooming glory of Spring. Confession time. I am SERIOUSLY in love with Pansies and Violas. I happen to hate the name “Viola,” preferring “Johnny Jump-ups” but no one contacted me about a proposed name change. Instead, somebody,¬†somewhere along the way, just upped and changed the name to Viola like the musical instrument. Puh-leeze. Wouldn’t it have made more sense to name them Pee-wee Pansy? Everyone would then know that it was the smaller version of the pansy.

I put the hideous name aside and went over the deep end with my camera so that I could preserve all these colors that I don’t have in my garden. Yet. Wanna admire them with me?

pansyyellow and red-2181

pansy red-2183


pansy lavender-2197

pansy yellow white-2198

pansy red violet-2199

pansy lavender yellow-2200

pansy pink red-2204

pansy yellow pink-2226

pansy red violet and deep purple-2228

pansy white purple-2230

pansy lavender purple-2243

viola purple-2188

Was that as good for you as it was for me? All of these photos were taken with an ancient and cranky Canon DSLR and an everyday 50 mm lens. I think I might have used my close-up filters once on a pink dogwood.

29 thoughts on “PANSY LAND”

  1. It’s as though they all really, really want to hear what you have to say !
    Talk about rapt attention. Enjoyed your post very much.

        1. You want me to fire up that useless, pointless and worthless Canon? Gawd, it is a Major Aggravation. I did a lot of research on Nikons. They have the SAME problem with the shutter button so might as well stay with the Canon so I don’t have to replace my everyday lens. Poppie has a Canon that he hasn’t used much and he said I could use it. I might have to do that. My next adventure might be the Kanapaha Botanical Gardens in Gainesville, FL. Trying to talk my friend Cecelia into going with me before it gets too hot.

          1. I love my Canon, both my point and shoot and my high end. I had a Nikon that I loved too. Such problems you have. Hooray again, for Poppie. But, anyway your photos are always lovely and make me happy. Wish I could go with you to Kanapaha.

  2. This takes me back — my mother loved pansies and every Mother’s Day, Dad and I would buy two large baskets of pansies and plant them along each side of the walk from the porch to the front sidewalk. I always picked out the baskets with the most colors of pansies. (Up north they weren’t available until May, so It was the perfect time to get Mother her present.)


    1. Pat – In an Atlanta shopping center, I saw all colors of pansies planted together and I thought to myself, “I’m going to do that!” I find it so interesting that the rest of the nation has a completely different planting schedule than we have down here in the swamps. For me, pansies are a fall/winter flower.

  3. The last photo took my breath! I don’t like pee-wee…I think petite is more polite, as it were…Anyway, I do believe pansies are so old fashioned, just my cup of tea!
    Enjoyed our visit yesterday, though, it was too short! Looking forward to seeing you again soon!

  4. Which came first, the pansy or the viola? Answer: All pansies are botanically violas but not all violas are pansies. Blame the Latin-speaking taxonomists and the species-correct plant geeks.

  5. One more thing: Miss Billie advised planting the smaller violas because they last farther into hot spring days than bigger pansies. Smaller blooms but many more individual blossoms.

    Miss Billie also promoted Yellow as the best color — I want all colors.

    1. Nell Jean – WHO is Miss Billie? Last year I had purple and gold violas in one pot. This year I had purple and gold AND solid orange in one pot. It was stunning. But on that swallowtail seed site, I lust after ALL the colors. Wish there was somewhere to find them for dollar a package even if I only got 10 seeds.

  6. AMAZING!!!!! That’s all I can say. I love that purple. I’m going to call you to see how and when I can go get me some of those purple ones and plant them. Maybe I can take 2 of my big planters and put them next to the pool and plant the purple in them. I just love them and I just love the blog. Thanks for inviting us to admire with you.

    1. Well, Miss Evie, we are at the end of the viola/pansy season. Down here in swampland, they are a fall and winter flower so mark your calendar. Then go into the nurseries in September and October and hunt ’em down. A four-pack will probably fill up your pot if its larger than 12″ in diameter. Glad you enjoyed my Pansy Land Show.

  7. I love them too. I used to plant them every year along with snapdragons but the snaps won me over as my fave flower. Haven’t planted any in two years now because I can’t find any of the Rocket snapdragons anymore. They are the ones that will grow as tall as your waist and are perfect for cutting for arrangements. Thanks for sharing your beautiful photos. You really have a good eye.

    1. Lynn – My favorite mail order seed company for flowers I can’t find in local seed displays is Swallowtail Garden Seeds. Please check them out because they have several kinds of snapdragons — your rockets, doubles, fragrant — about 29 varieties.
      If anyone else has a favorite seed company, please share with us.

  8. Love these pics. Makes me want to run down to the nursery and buy 1 of each color even tho I know it is too late to plant them here in North Florida after Easter. I agree that the Viola probably existed first as growing wild somewhere on this earth. Someone took some, genetically changed it enough to make bigger flowers. Thus the Pansy grew from this change. I wish you would be so good as to tell
    us when to plant what, especially seeds. I realize it would only apply to certain areas of the South but that sure would be helpful to me.

    1. Would you listen to this? She wants me to slave away on a seed planting chart in my prime growing season. Not gonna happen, dahlink. But, I will give you some links: and
      Floridians should always check the IFAS website for any question:
      And, Linda, because you have connections in Gainesville, this is very interesting:

  9. I am impressed with how well your pictures came out considering all the problems you were having with your camera.

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