Post last updated: October 10th, 2018

A cousin of mine shared a few of his huge pink and white amaryllis bulbs after I admired them with great longing.

amaryllis pink and white baby on board-1900
One of them had a baby on board
Amaryllis pink and white-2138
Two in full bloom with two more buds behind them
amaryllis pink and white after few days-2281
reddish tint fades to pink after a few days

16 thoughts on “PINK AMARYLLIS”

  1. Lucky you. Amaryllis is an indoor plant in our area, usually forced for Christmas. Now you’ve got me thinking maybe I could have it in a container outside in the summer.

    1. Susan – That would work. It could get rainwater and sun until you had to take it in for the winter. It won’t bloom again, though. Like azaleas, daffodils and tulips, they are a one-shot wonder in the spring.

  2. I have some of these under that tree in the front yard that my old pastor planted for my mother to look at when she was in hospice care. 14 years later they still come up and I haven’t even fertilized them.

  3. A friend gave me a few amaryllis bulbs last fall. Two are showing signs of coming up – I’m so excited! I have no idea what color they are, but it doesn’t matter to me. Yours are lovely – love how they are darker at the top, and the pink is so very pretty.

    1. Holley – It’s funny. They seemed more pink at my cousin’s house. Here, they have a strong hint of red. I must admit that after they bloom, all you have the rest of the year are those strappy leaves that aren’t very attractive.

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