Post last updated: November 20th, 2019

Hibiscus Tropic Escape2-2130
Hibiscus ‘Tropic Escape’ purchased from the
Down-and-Out-but-Not-Quite-Dead Table at Lowes.
Hibiscus 'Tropic Escape' with Poppie's hand to show size of bloom
Hibiscus ‘Tropic Escape’
with Poppie’s hand to show size of bloom



  1. The one you gave me last year doesn’t look like its going to come back this year so I’ll be scouting the tables for a replacement. On the good side, I have a 20 year supply of mulch because when Lowe’s had it on sale I bought several bags.

      1. Will do. The one you gave me last year just bloomed and bloomed and it was beautiful. If I spend real money on a replacement it better bloom darn it and multiply.

  2. Hibiscus trees are plentiful around here…in nurseries. I have yet to meet someone who’s been able to keep it alive. Sigh.

    1. So, Indie, you shop the Lowe’s table, too? Sometimes the stuff from that table lives, sometimes it doesn’t. I’ve gotten very careful to buy plants that don’t look too far gone and I’m having better luck.

  3. Look for the mislabeled product @ Lowe’s on the dead shelf. I’ve a newbie last year that bloomed until November and since it’s currently snowing outside, that gives you an idea of how fond we are of those late bloomers in CO 🙂

    1. I’ve never seen mislabeled product on the nearly dead table at Lowes. I did see a geranium that I thought was more of a polygonium and despite the label, I bought it at full price. Wish I had bought more than one, dagnabbit.

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